The two level domain do station station on the line the whole process optimization research topics

to enrich the content of internal optimizationFor example,

front can do outside the chain of two well after the operation. My idea is to take one to two weeks to go to places can link the rhythm of the hair again. For example, you can have the skills of the head of the forum to send some Links post, ask.


3. external link optimization

special position in the game name, the name of the game as much as possible about manually collected all the relevant topics. For example, QQ dancer name, DNF name, QQ name name in Xian Xia Chuan World of Warcraft more relevant (better correlation has the advantages of convenient main keyword rankings) most wanted to do the article did not do a game can expand the Raiders, what skills.

two domain do research station has updated the four theme, in front of three introduced approximately two domain names do stand the advantages and disadvantages, and general operation optimization. Want to talk about this topic directly on-line to the station operation process optimization, and sort out a new method for global optimization. Still want to nag at. First, a top-level domain do not open more than ten up to two level domain name domain name do stand, so as not to disperse the weight; second, in fact, love Shanghai optimization and soso optimization are really similar, optimization of love Shanghai, the soso keyword also went up, is nothing more than to flow not such as love in Shanghai.

In a word related to the expansion of

the first positioning keyword, since the two level domain name, all of big themes, because there is no competitive. Not to be useless, good use in the steel blade, I believe you understand. Here we must study the long tail word of a suitable low competitiveness, otherwise the work behind the people you don’t do it, there is no need to read the article page. Choose a key word, such as we have special positioning in the name of the game in this domain, identified as www.tianyamm贵族宝贝.cn, choose good don’t change the domain name and Website Title below; to build the site, and then choose a no one with the template or change their weight to a (included, template users less love Shanghai included to a higher personal point of view, if the same honored)

2. +

, the best overall included the first ten to twenty articles about as much as possible the original article on the new station (the original Shanghai Longfeng advantage is included, improve the overall website weight) of each article as much as possible to do some internal links between all the articles and interspersed with network. (this is the legendary internal optimization) the work is done after the effect is included once love Shanghai may release some results not only home, of course, need some luck. If the line on the website only one article can in fact be included, but the day after the general situation is long-term home included or not included in the page, but also not to delay the site keyword ranking effect (if link well)

1. new online

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