Website optimization keywords ranking rapid rise within the chain elements

popular long before the Shanghai dragon industry in the phrase "the chain for the emperor, the chain is king." I believe everyone for having heard it many times, this sentence is also fully explained in the past by Shanghai dragon ranking can rise to the first page is outreach, so whether you stand structure and details how, as long as the chain reaches a certain number, then your keywords ranking would be the same as the rush of jump like riding on a rocket to the first page, but since the love in Shanghai this year a series of adjustment algorithm, make the concept of no longer exist. We see the love of Shanghai on the website of the request is also more and more comprehensive, here we look at the impact site optimization, keywords ranking fast rising elements within the chain.

4, the details of the deal. For example, pictures and ALT; there is no need to out on the nofollow; the navigation bar can reflect the development of the source code using the div+css keyword; etc..

5, in writing, reading at the end of the article with a structure, so you can make the site within present spider, making love to Shanghai can run in both directions unblockedly.

2, URL website. The domain name age longer, the station URL length as short as possible, if the design to the two level directory can use the Pinyin pinyin is the best.

… The structure of

3, the original content website. In the early stage of the line on the website the best first Tun some original article, regularly published on the website, until the normal update snapshot.

1 site. The general structure of the website by " F " is conducive to optimization, although this type of structure is also conducive to the website optimization, but recently I found through experiments, the website is the main part of the three column, can make the front page of every department of the Ministry of can make an update of the website home page, such stand, love Shanghai more love.

more than just a personal summary, only for reference, I feel useful is reproduced, useless to laugh and, thank you again webmaster CNC punch.

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