The station optimization and stood outside optimization both

the other hand: the station optimization mainly refers to increase the external links


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fifth, the site map should be placed in a suitable location, site map is a guide, personally think that the best that can be placed in the top right corner of the site, this is not only conducive to the search engine, is also convenient when users need to see.

fourth, for the website of the internal links to be connected, in order, this does not allow visitors to touch the mind, also can make the search engine better grab.

remind one point, the station optimization and stood outside optimization is important, but the daily maintenance is also essential.

third, for the description, don’t just write a page description or description of all pages are the same. Although the description of the site in the search engine’s weight declined, but also can not be ignored, more or less there is a certain value.

This article from the

first, the home page or large classification is best not to have the prefix small classification, it only made the front page of the article a lot of repeated prefixes, especially for acquisition station.

hand: the station optimization is site internal optimization

if you want to get a good website ranking, whether it is in the station optimization, or station optimization, you should not ignore. Deng Xiaoping has put forward the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristic theory "with both hands, both hands, then today Shenzhen private detective station to do optimization with both hands, both hands". Sure, I’m the ordinary people can not be compared with the great grandfather of Deng Xiaoping. I just know Shanghai Longfeng area, puts forward a little view. The "hands" refers to the station optimization and stood outside optimization. How then to catch, how tight

second, and determine the choice of keywords, first of all do not accumulate keywords, this is the most taboo search engine. The second page of each keyword in not more than 3, can the most words appear within the page, to meet the psychological search.

perhaps for most of the webmaster, will feel good inside chain, the chain difficult. In fact, as long as you insist, it is not so difficult. But if it is to do some high quality of the chain, is not simple. A high quality of the external links dozens of top spam links. This is the link quality is higher than the link popularity. But also different views of different search engines. Many people think that Baidu pay more attention to link popularity, noble value link quality baby. Anyway, the external link is very important, the high quality of the external links is more important. Here I will no longer be careful about how to do the chain, just a few days ago I wrote an article about this article, name of private detective network how Shanghai dragon, want to know, you can go and see.

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