Ma Yun and Korean youth talk about entrepreneurship

the last two days, Ma whirlwind swept South korea. Following the day before yesterday to attend the activities of the Korean Pavilion on the line, Ma yesterday, accompanied by South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Cui Jionghuan’s visit to South Korea’s KBS television station to participate in a dialogue interview program recording. In recording the scene, Ma suggested that young people in South Korea: refuse to complain in order to win the opportunity. Cui Jionghuan expressed the hope that South Korea can also be a ma.

Ma Yun participated in the recording of this chat show, is a South Korean television station KBS Ma Yun custom, South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Choi Kyung Hwan as invited guests to participate in the South Korean famous host Kim Jae Won chaired. In the program recording, Ma and Cui Jionghuan from young people how to start a business, young people need what quality, all the way to talk to the Korean market, China and South Korea to help SMEs develop topics. Ma Yun believes that the enthusiasm for the future, positive attitude, ready to learn, never give up is the most desirable quality of young people.

Ma Yun said: "I do not have a rich father, there is no good education background, I have to apply for Harvard 10 times have been rejected. But these are not important, the important thing is that I always have expectations for the future, always believe that I have to work hard to prove themselves." Ma Yun suggested to young people in South Korea, to be optimistic about the future, refused to complain, because only in this way can win the opportunity. The biggest difference between successful people and others is that they always have hope for the future. Cui Jionghuan’s views on Ma’s approval, and at the scene said, I hope that there will be similar to Ma Ma such people."

just the day before yesterday, Ma and Cui Jionghuan jointly announced in Seoul, South Korea, Alibaba group and the South Korean government officially launched the world’s electricity supplier industry’s first National Museum – South Korea pavilion". The museum is integrated with Tmall, Ali’s rookie network, Alipay, and many other core business. Ma Yun said that the South Korean Pavilion is the first national pavilion with Alibaba to join hands with the South Korean government, Chinese consumers can be more convenient to buy Korean goods through Tmall. In the future, Ali will cooperate with the government to open more national pavilion to help overseas quality brands, and more SMEs to enter the Chinese market, serving Chinese consumers.

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe)

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million auction Italy castle


Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe) yesterday, Taobao held a press conference at the Embassy of Italy announced that from tomorrow (May 21st) in the Taobao auction was built in the sixteenth Century Italy castle, a starting price of 100 million yuan (RMB, same below). This is Taobao after Fiji Island, the United States after another overseas real estate auction Orlando.


will be in the Taobao auction Italy Castle called Valpolicella, founded in sixteenth Century, is considered the treasure of Renaissance architecture, the famous director Baz · Luhrmann has been here as a romantic movie "Romeo and Juliet" viewfinder >

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