Love Shanghai snapshot back to 3 years ago for some reason analysis

analysis, the original is in recent days I site had a facelift, which also changed caused by a virtual host. Especially due to the change of space, first I in the new space. The site, after setting the binding domain, no effective DNS parsing into a new space, the original space site to change to another program template, the spider web site I love Shanghai to the old space. Because the DNS parsing requires a little time ranging from analytical this time is still in the original space, and the original space I upload the template is earlier before the template, this template may be used to love Shanghai grab records in the database, after screening in the database and crawl the site first page love Shanghai time from the previous data to define a snapshot of the above said is just speculation, may also have other reasons.


may love Shanghai snapshot cause is roughly the following:

also said back, the master is to have patience, confidence, adhere to the industry, not to experience some hardships how can casually succeed, the chances of success may be simple but perhaps only 1/10000 of the possible, I think this might be for God’s beloved. If you are going to get success through the Internet, I think we should take this as a career to do, be enthusiastic, confident, determination, perseverance, adhere to. I want to hold on to the last survival of that group should be the success of those.

we are more concerned about the web site in love in Shanghai, in recent days, with kelp my website for a time travel, I said through the website is snapshot, snapshot Shanghai love to return to the past, there was also had to return to the snapshot to the phenomenon, but this time than in the past through more cattle, their website home page snapshot from a February 2012 fly directly to the March 30, 2008, all through four young a little overnight back to the year when the Beijing Olympic games. Why did this happen?


some time ago in the webmaster nets that many webmasters are talking about their own website is K, snapshot, home page is missing and so on in the love of Shanghai. We these personal webmaster really hard ah! All day for your site if encounter this kind of situation will feel alarmed and anxious if possible, or is dumbfounding. Especially the site is K, is to let the webmaster is sad and bitter. Like from heaven to hell, it is the webmaster of the nightmare. For the determination of the perseverance of the webmaster, these may not be what. But for some webmaster speaking, such things happen may lead to their loss of confidence from the station to do, or moved elsewhere, or fade arena.

1, the server space is not stable, often can’t open phenomenon, so the stability of the server space is very important, some owners in order to save money to use a lot of cheap or free.

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