Keywords ranking drop observed in the first patient to seek solutions

if half a month has passed, the website keywords ranking has not yet returned to begin to seek the reason. We should first look at what is the specific keywords ranking drop, what URL, what page down. Is not your own website itself make problems lead to decline, or because of new competitors website ranking from the back to the front of the super.

I think the website individual keywords rise or fall in a normal situation, especially when keywords ranking drop in a few dozen or within, when this is the case to keep calm state of mind, do what you continue to do what we can. If large-scale keyword ranking began large-scale decline will pay attention to the need for search engines and their web site to do a full analysis for reasons of keywords ranking drop, to find ways to restore keyword ranking.

keyword ranking drop is recommended to halt the troops and wait about half a month

believe that Shanghai dragon friends met the site keywords ranking drop, sometimes some keywords declined, sometimes all the keywords ranking all decreased, when there are very strange individual keywords ranking drop part keyword ranked up.

After the

keyword ranking dropped to analyze specific reasons, see the website data record of their own, analyze their implementation report, more data with their theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Shanghai, to analyze their site issues that may arise, to find problems, develop solutions, and then stick to.

most of the time, when the keyword ranking webmaster friends appear a little fluctuation can stay calm, ask friends everywhere to find a cause, or even modify the site began to go to war. In fact, sometimes the website keywords ranking fluctuation is a search engine and occasionally cramps, especially love Shanghai, is known as the Baidu big reason comes from love Shanghai monthly for a few days, keywords ranking crazy fluctuations, two days will be restored.

is your website search engine is no problem, the problem, this time you would have no problem arbitrarily change website, website, can restore the keywords ranking site was changed out of you. This kind of thing The loss outweighs the gain. webmaster friends must avoid.

believes that as long as continue to seriously grasp the stable website, website content quality and site outside the chain with the new keyword ranking will recover. It is only a matter of time when many web site keywords ranking recovery more keywords ranking need, need time, need more execution, discard the mentality of impatience, "

of course is not to say that you daily website halt the troops and wait in Shanghai Longfeng work should stop, what should continue to do what, not because of the keyword ranking dropped, you will need to observe, the site does not with the new article, the chain is not done.

After the

keyword ranking for half a month can not recover to their own problems review website


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