How to use the new version of link analysis tool

link analysisThe chain before the

we can know how much we publish in the platform, as well as the main domain name website domain name on the Internet platform.


next, we see the death of the analysis, we can clearly see that there are three tools in the chain and chain chain chain chain chain, and into the. Can clearly see the chain link and the chain before the chain, anchor text, found time. This convenience we find links only, did not know before from the page to the.

open Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, love Shanghai click on link analysis, we clearly see that love Shanghai link analysis of a word. How much of the chain number, and can not determine your site ranking in search of love in Shanghai, this is told the Shanghai dragon who can not decide the number of the chain website ranking, there may be the chain of garbage piles, causing the site to drop right. Before this is ruled out, outside the chain website ranking to heroes of the times, this is not the chain before analysis.

version of the total number of the chain analysis tool is given roughly the site as well as the growth of the chain of pictures, and no other parameters are given some website. This revision, we found very clear. Shanghai love chain chain management tools and refuse removed before, instead of the chain and the chain analysis analysis. As shown in figure

chain analysis photograph:

Photograph: The old version of

then is released to the total number of website owners appear below links to other platform with website domain name and website each new. As shown in figure


chain analysis the total number of links section appears the current domain name and location platform. These can tell us clearly, do not think before, even the same domain name link may not be on the same page. The love of Shanghai chain were collected together, greatly reducing the cost of us in the chain this time, it can be said that this love Shanghai outreach Analysis > L


recently love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "chain analysis tools" officially renamed the "link analysis" (see details of the owners of the house above: love Shanghai super chain algorithm upgrade Webmaster Platform refused outside the chain of tools will be offline). Shanghai love chain analysis at the beginning of the line to Shanghai dragon who bring a lot of benefits, in the analysis of the chain and the chain functions have refused to give us a lot of help. Today, love Shanghai in the website content quality more and more efforts, and before the Shanghai dragon around the chain, resulting in a large number of Internet junk. The Shanghai love finally under the pain killer, let the Internet to spread spam sites to carry out large-scale cleaning. From the recent, small in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love webmaster forum why forum, we can see that the discussion is the site ranking fell. Xiaobian not talking about technical problems today, only love Shanghai Webmaster Platform revision for link analysis, how to use the method, and explain.

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