Novice to become several major problems in real Shanghai dragon er

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fourth profit difficulties; do the purpose of the station is not only the flow or the brand is good, eventually income is our real purpose! But look at the site to flow, also need to consider how to make money on the site! Usually think money is not less, and took a long time, money or just flat pay, even a lot of people the station also has been at a loss. So, want to in this line can really make money webmaster really is not much! You don’t know what is now standing in the

then select the platform difficult; many people believe that the program is like me is a rookie, but fortunately, now in the building of website platform, such as weaving etc.. But the biggest problem is not to know how to select the source program website! Here then ask where asked, in the face of every kind of the source program, and ultimately difficult to select a satisfactory platform to build a website! Only to finally try many ways to build a website, barely catch up!


third website promotion website is difficult; to build up the promotion started! But the promotion is not a simple living. Website promotion purpose is to bring to the site traffic or the launch of a brand! Now promotion means a lot, advertising, forum, blog, these methods are very transparent, no matter which method you use, others can easily see, a little strict place, it is difficult to succeed! For a give up this line of people, many of which are planted in this stage! Because the promotion after a period of time did not find what effect, it is easy to give up

of course, more than just through some personal views usually accumulated and summarized in! We do stand if the three difficulties you can solve, congratulations to you! What method to solve these problems we need to adhere to the summary, I believe you can succeed. This paper provided by computer forum www.santuiyi贵族宝贝! If you need please indicate the

first line difficulties; when one does not know a friend, believe that you would think Shanghai dragon is a very easy thing to do (at least I had also thought of this, but the real contact), it would be easy to feel disappointed but don’t want to give up. This will make many new friends feel difficult! Here I want to say is two words "to". No one is born for this trip! Only to the end of the talent is the real winner.


for a novice, a guide for their own people will be much better. But no matter how, only to experience their Human effort is the decisive factor.! And solve difficulties, can really become a real dragon in Shanghai. Here I give you a summary of novice to do several major problems in Shanghai dragon, let you believe that as long as these problems are solved, you can become a real Shanghai dragon

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