Shanghai Longfeng site on line preparation work and matters needing attention

Code: 4, do 301 redirection, submit 404 dead. Don’t want any ranking page, the low trust and do not want to pour out the weight of the page with nofollow, picture clarity is high, the same size, and the alt attribute, to minimize the use of flash. If there is a video, to specify below, describe the name of the video, don’t mess with H1, a page can have a pair of H1.

Optimization of

Optimization of

5 flow: site is not online, don’t be crawling, first not included. Do not add Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics, you can first use the domain name to test the contents of the site, after repeated examination, the website can be on-line.

many students to build a good website, just write something, send a few articles, early on the line, who knows later than half are not ranked, so, in the web site before the online, we have to put the site on the line before the preparation operation completes, the following seven rainbow to share several matters needing attention the line on the website before.

Optimization of

3 path: home path to a unified entrance, the purpose is to increase the weight of centralization. The path level should be clear, preferably not more than 4 levels, can not be used Chinese path, to the search engine grab.

2 Contents: positioning web page content, page core keywords, column page and the content page to do a lot of long tail keywords. There are no users to search the contents of the user, and how to search. The customer description and the inside pages of the title of the search match. Be familiar with the history and function of their products, understand the use of user scenarios, know the product to attract users in that place, it can quickly locate. Each column pages have 5 to 10 articles. Do the chain of the article, the bottom of the recommended correlation, improve the viscosity of the website.

?Localization of

How to do web based optimization of

1, industry: select space, space is safe, open web speed is fast. When there is a problem, the space service providers can provide timely solutions. Choose a domain name, the domain name is to check whether the first is to fall in love with black and yellow customs Xiaoheiwu, domain name blocking drug. Set the correct title, column page, content page, keywords layout should be reasonable. Clear positioning industry, the site is designed to meet the market demand, the needs of users, what users want, we will give him what, know their own profit point positioning and industry competition degree.

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