Talk about how to do the title a web site keywords description

station knows that a new sites do, how to do the title to this web site keywords, description is very important, because your website once loved Shanghai included, want to change these, will affect your site, even by sea fell in love with a drop of processing power, so that how to write these words as you consider in respect of the beginning of the site, below I will give a "Xun Hao technology" to Linyi railway station to station as we explain in detail! The word Linyi station has a lot of people do, so if I choose Linyi station as the main key words, this faced with how to use Linyi against the original station and get good rankings of the old station in Shanghai, Shanghai people are familiar with the love of spiders know, love is a love of spiders in Shanghai fresh phrases of pickpockets, if you The word is very ordinary, you are done, or is not very fresh, the spider is not to bother, because you are new, and not so high weight, what makes you so spider climb, you need to find a rare point phrase to attract its visit. Of course, to ensure that the main keyword should appear in your phrase, which is often said that the long tail keywords, and the site will appear in the relevant keywords account description, in a word: to do is focus on key articles. So I think after the "Xun Hao technology" to write the following website title, keywords, description, we look down, and then give careful analysis why I write this

site name: "Xun Hao technology – Linyi enterprises website the best choice _ Linyi website | Linyi website | Linyi website | Linyi enterprises website

now I will give you detailed analysis:



Description: "Linyi Xun Hao technology, Linyi is well-known in the industry site web site service provider, focusing on the establishment of information service enterprises in Linyi, with rich website construction, website design experience, Tel: 15264466601 contact: manager Liu Linyi website, Linyi website, Linyi website, Linyi Linyi Xun Hao technology enterprises preferred "

website "Linyi station | Linyi website | Linyi website | Linyi enterprises website | Linyi website | Linyi web site design
Linyi Linyi Linyi Shanghai dragon | website promotion optimization

! Because many of the

, a web site about the name:

first choice!"Key words:

Linyi website with keywords, and ranking has been formed, so their evasiveaction chose the word "Linyi enterprises" as the main reason for the 1. words, the word "Linyi station" compared to the pressure of competition to be small, want to use this as a breakthrough into the love of Shanghai ranked 2. in Linyi! "Enterprise site" is also included in the "Linyi station" day if your site weight increase, the Linyi " station; Shanghai home or do some possibility of love. So choosing the main.

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