Snapshot two correction Baidu this angry

3, the content is too old "". The website is not a long time to add new content, is bound to fall behind. The spider is not love the old content, will have a "tired" of the state. Or, the added content, is to "move", will be better to offend the search rules;

1, recent collapse or slow service. The website is under it, there is a problem, the subject can not be affected? Such as in the server’s website has increasingly increased, heavy burdens, will be tired. Slow response, feedback information is not timely, it is common to. The spider is not able to recognize the mistake site error page are causing the site snapshot stay;

at present, domestic Baidu natural ranking website is the most. The recent period of instability, the owners are worried about. Today, learned some websites again appear snapshot problem. Mostly with love and Shanghai snapshot, is again the adjustment result? The reason is the observation and analysis of the actual needs, the immediate thing is how to make your website snapshot recovery. Snapshot is a reflection of the identity of the website. Such as whether the spider crawling, the new content has been effectively grasp and so on. So, it is a reference to the. What are the reasons which lead to the website snapshot? See the following two aspects analysis.

Summary: The reason of

2, the website changed. A web site operator, has prompted the site conversion rate in the realm of. Therefore, the search for research, new discoveries, to adjust the site is behoove. Since the change, will be under investigation. If the search does not violate the rules, will be favored as in the past. On the other hand, will be a little punishment;

, a search engine recently adjusted. The site administrator for the search, is of the. To find some of the laws to adjust the weights of the site, get some. After all, the search engine is not "fool", gandengyan style waiting for everyone familiar. So, make the corresponding adjustment in a period of time, it is reasonable. Change is bound to affect some websites. Snapshot is a common problem.

snapshot file, can not be confined to one aspect of the reason. It is necessary to consider the internal and external, and analysis. The optimistic point of view, if a problem occurs, the need is timely to correct. This is the website operators should consider. For a snapshot, to consider the server hosting. At the same time, the need for more new website "supplies".

two, due to their own website. The website, can not be perfect, there will be some defects in it. Early not found, will inevitably lead to late consequences". It seems that a little causal link. In fact, it is so simple. As the premise of preparatory work site as well, to the line, is the most common cause of snapshot. The other hand, analysis from the following points.

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