The enterprise website must improve website ranking method

2, posting content is not advertising, if it is an advertisement, the 90% forum responsible person will delete your post.

1, unified copy of static pages, and each page head into a different picture, it will make the search engine that is original content for the website included a favorable ranking.

website ranking method three: exchange Links

improve the enterprise website ranking, can realize enterprises rely on the Internet to allow customers to take the initiative to come, the enterprise will basically rely on the Internet to find potential customers, but now a kind of method, is through the website ranking, allowing customers to find you. Is what we often say that the website optimization ranking, here are some essential methods.

1, see the other side of the PR value is lower than you, the general exchange Links cannot exchange below their PR value of the site, so is to do the business in the red.

2, when adding the text in the middle, and site related keywords bold and adding hyperlinks.

general post replies and problems usually met with some more depressed things, such as post was deleted, or your webmaster forum account allows you to re screen advertising posts, if so, do website ranking people will lose confidence and feel the job is very boring, so pay attention to the following methods:


3, adding a static page consistent sub navigation Home page.

website ranking method two: forum posting replies and answering skills


2, this web site is to be punished, if be punished. "

website ranking method: station static page article update

Links is one of the necessary methods for website ranking optimization, because you appear in the other site enterprise’s website (Links) appears more, the weight of the website of the higher ranking will be directly discharged in the home, so the chain is very important:

the above three points can easily update the static page article, do website ranking optimization work do not bother, afraid of trouble ranking row not up forever.

generally do website ranking of people will love with a static page (Note: the static pages and not static pages, and generally refers to without the database, not too long, although changes ") revised up a little trouble, but included after the website ranking is very good, so how to update the static pages.

3, do not send sensitive character, general sensitive word is directly filtered out by the program in the forum.


1, posting content best and the theme of the forum, the original is best, if not the original you can find some articles on the Internet, but changed to a bigger extent.

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