Several reasons on site PR was decreased

, a website structure unreasonable layout

chain like restaurant food suppliers, if you open a restaurant please are senior chef, but buy the ingredients is bad, then a good cook, also do not make delicious dishes, the same reason, your station optimization is good, but the poor quality of the external links are the links most pointing to the dumpster, pointing at the Links is right down the station itself, "

four, the chain chain and the lack of quality

The !

web server like Business Hours Restaurant restaurant, you can’t three days fishing nets two days of drying today want to leave, do not want to open it up. Customers today to close the door and go or closed tomorrow, and is close to the day after tomorrow, the number of active customers will suppress the. The site is also a station, server stability, not only to the user a good experience, for the search engines will also get a good evaluation, if the server fails, IP for every two or three days, will be reduced PR.

three, the website server instability

two, website content updates in

yesterday to work, a Q will see the boss left for me to speak PR update down, I will not be startled at at that time, last month 26 to update it, how a few days are updated… You love the station network to check if so, check the chain station, some drop some rise, then one by one point into the next, according to the analysis, the website is down PR about the following points:

web content like restaurant dishes, eat just to order you to a restaurant, no one did not find this, then you will go out. Similarly, you not content in website engine spiders will immediately climb out. Shanghai Longfeng community spread "content is king" is not a cover! Of course not have food on the line, you want to continue to operate long-term must seize the customer’s stomach, only your food should be fresh and the customer’s stomach, he will give you high evaluation next time consumption, as well as your website content to be updated also can give good fresh effect of spider, evaluation of the appropriate time to give you high. This update drop PR station, perhaps in this respect do not in place, will cause the reduction of PR

site structure is like a restaurant waiter wearing a dress, wearing from the waiter can determine the shop service quality, the waiter dressed in decent, I think in the economic conditions allow you would not hesitate in consumption, instead if you see the waiter wearing clothes, I want to say in consumption. Would you even do not want to go. Similarly a website has reasonable structure and layout is very important, reasonable layout context clear and smooth, to visit spider crawling, reasonable layout engine spiders can give a good impression, to 1 times, even second times, third times… Some stations PR is down, I think a large part of the reason is because the site layout is too complex too messy;

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