Feng Dahui venture to do medical search said to work with Baidu

NetEase Francisco October 11th news, this afternoon, before the DXY CTO Feng Dahui in its WeChat announced the start, do vertical search engine for the medical and health fields, provide high quality content and data. Feng Dahui said, do a search, a search with Baidu medical work".

"this idea may be some innocent people, but I think this is something valuable, not only has the commercial value and social value." Feng Dahui said, "if you do not want to let ourselves, our children and our relatives and friends are spread false information so as to entrap, act now, small things to do a little change of the society, although this thing needs constant patience and perseverance, will be very difficult. We don’t need to do it."

he also said that the next will officially start financing, set up the team, starting from scratch, and called himself as a Internet Co executives left the venture, and no team, "for this reason, some people even to harbour evil designs mocking me. I’m just not as good as some of the most refined."

Prior to

, Feng Dahui and "because DXY tear force and concern. In July this year, Feng Dahui left office 6 years after leaving the DXY CTO job, want to get their own rights, but did not allow the DXY exercise to repurchase and repurchase price, the two sides did not reach an agreement, so that there is in the media since the option for tearing each other. (Allen)

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