The search for independence decline it means that the arrival of a new era

as the leader of desktop traffic once, PC side search products make a lot of tech giants made huge progress. Even now the core role of the PC end the search has been better than before obviously, frequent moves but love Shanghai, 360, Ali and Sogou, we can still feel even lose the market blitz, the search area to gather and guide the flow capacity or so many companies in droves.

mobile Internet ferocious, any product begins to develop mobile search field, is no exception, but to say strange, since you are not alone for mobile search too much hope, of which there are two main aspects to consider.

second, mobile search inclusive but face the improvement of the functions of APP, a single mobile search search function is obviously not complete all more comprehensive requirements, to complete the various needs of instruction in a product, the bounce rate as can be imagined. Plus now the search function more and more as a two level functional role, embedded in the main products, such as WeChat, micro-blog, in order to achieve independent development, system cannot solve.


so simple as the desktop mobile search will flow over is not accurate, because the system is more and more strong the product of the times, any function is simply a product of the classification, such as WeChat, as an instant messaging software, which has the layout in electricity, finance, information etc. Therefore, and will continue to build in mobile search into search, rather than will follow the pace of the market, to achieve long-term development. Even the best endorsement of mobile search, UC and other products are also realized with shopping, learning, information and other diverse functions, after all, in the mobile terminal products open frequency is fundamental to the development of all products, users do not want to jump out to implement the next step, then the mobile search is also a developer enlightenment.

into the auxiliary function". In January 15th, pea pods to show the 4 version of the application, the new version will expand the search to applications, games, video, e-books, wallpaper and other entertainment content categories, in January 23rd, pea pods announced a $120 million investment lead investor Softbank, financing will be used to strengthen the peas development in the era of mobile search. This will give the industry a strong development of the signal, that is the search function is no longer a downgrade, independent product form, but on the user’s search request. Mobile search for large developers, and continue to waste resources and the practice of the independent search, rather than as early as possible to create a line containing and extending product >

of a mobile device, showing the effect of poor, limited by the size of the screen size, the amount of information is always a lack of support for advertising and other traditional revenue model cannot continue to be implemented in mobile port, the lack of adequate mobile search business potential is bound to affect the positioning in the market.



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