The ranking of search results to face the ultimate user

to do a simple example, when a user input the keywords Keyword1+Keyword2, said Keyword1 combined with Keyword2 search, "and" relationship, that is to say in the retrieval results should not only contain Keyword1 also contains Keyword2, for example, we have a web page A, Keyword1 and Keyword2 appeared at the same time, and it is 5 times, is very natural; another "B, only Keyword2 this keyword, only appeared 2 times, well, if we have the clear" >

this is the same article published in different sites, the weight is a one of the most important factors, but it is also very fast, this article on the website of the weight of the high ranking advantage.

is a pointer to sort the search results sort order. Most people will have such a view that high weight First impressions are strongest, "must be in the front row of the search results. This argument, we cannot say is correct, can not be considered wrong, can only say that this argument is not comprehensive enough.


OK, we do this for promotion can give us what weight tips? Important? These high weight website how we use


many friends may encounter such a situation, when you write original articles, first published in your blog, and have been included, and then released in some high right in the middle of the site, or by some than their own website weight high website reprint, the results can be included also, included is fast, but when I search this article, his blog is usually ranked in the back of high weight site.

there is a piece of content: two different "

, how much do you know?" article, wrote this article, is a big reason to do so long a review of Shanghai dragon or is a reflection of their own, a lot of things to do too much from the blind, no see the nature of things, things however, recently I have read a lot about the principle of search engine, want from some essential principle of search engine to re-examine the Shanghai dragon, remember just contact Shanghai dragon also wrote a story about the search engine principle article: Shanghai Longfeng writeup, the working principle of search engine however, now for everyone to share an article about "search engine ranking to face the ultimate user", of course from the basic technology of search engine, including the catch From three aspects, index, sort of.

look at the first case: two as well as the contents of article

first proposed the key issues before this: what is the search engine ranking search engine? The final face is? Weight in the user experience, who will make way for

A "Shanghai dragon core competitiveness to write a few days before the

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