The small and medium sized enterprise network promotion must seize the opportunity of Shanghai Drago



many enterprises face the network promotion way of every hue feel very confused, every day to N a marketing phone to listen to each other that for a long time still confused. In the end choose what kind of promotion? What kind of promotion has the best effect and the best don’t spend a lot of money? Must be a lot of enterprises urgently want to know the problem. This article Qinhuangdao science and technology network marketing consultant Langyue will share with you the basic routines in today’s Internet marketing, also hope to help you a comprehensive understanding of network promotion, network publicity right.

eight main way of small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion

advertising alliance

two, Shanghai dragon optimization. With the rise of search engine, with a network promotion and health. Shanghai dragon through the site layout of the site within the keywords and program structure and external optimization construction, make the site keywords (usually also is the enterprise name of the product or service) as far as possible in the love Shanghai search engine ranking. The effect is similar to love Shanghai auction, but there are also differences, the biggest difference is that the lower ranking will always be in the bidding advertising, also known as the natural ranking or love Shanghai snapshot ranking. This is a disadvantage compared to the auction, but the auction is compared to the price advantage is obvious, is often a fraction of the cost of bidding, even one of a dozen! This way is very suitable for small and medium enterprises to use, the price is basically in an acceptable range, the effect is equivalent to the ppc. Of course, many large websites actually have a special department of Shanghai dragon, even if they are not bad money to do the bidding, also attaches great importance to the marketing of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is also suitable for various visible scale >


soft Wen promotion

2, Shanghai dragon optimization

, a Shanghai auction of love. There is no doubt that the love of Shanghai bidding is one of the typical network promotion way very familiar, like Shanghai has a huge amount of Internet users access the warlords, from different regions, different industries, different levels and different ages. No matter what kind of sales of your products and services, whether you in the local market or the national market, love Shanghai PPC is always a promotion you can choose. The disadvantage is: bidding cost too high, especially for the fledgling venture of the company is expensive and may not be able to input output. In addition the malicious click is the mishap can never be avoided, although Shanghai has taken as love technology possible to stop.


1, love Shanghai bidding

advertising industry website

6, comprehensive business website shop promotion and supply and demand information

advertising information classification

7, commerce website information group

here we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of promotion for your reference, in order to let you choose your own network promotion strategy.

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