Three questions to talk with customers in Shanghai do not understand the Longfeng customers often me

this is one of the most common problems I encountered in this year, as a love Shanghai optimization personnel, we certainly want to do keyword ranking customer satisfaction as soon as possible. But a little understanding of Shanghai Longfeng people should know the so-called Shanghai dragon is need time to precipitation, this time by the factors of the site itself and the keywords competition dynamics influence, in different sites of different keyword rankings are not the same. As the optimization we can give an approximate time. Some do not understand Shanghai Longfeng customers may be very impatient, or heard of the "48 hours on the first love Shanghai advertising" (a ranking of vulnerabilities in 2012 Shanghai love), this mistaken Shanghai dragon is a handy to complete the work. Just a few days or even a few hours to want the position. May have the so-called black hat techniques can help the site get short-term rankings, but the harm caused by may be a long-term effect, is not acceptable for Shanghai dragon er or enterprise may, in this regard from the professional angle the author is the answer is "not".

problem: whether a short time quickly on the first page of Shanghai



two: you finish Shanghai dragon can bring much benefit to my

will ask the customer for the Shanghai dragon is certainly do not understand and there are doubts of customers, they chose you to try holding the attitude. In fact, this reflects a lot of customers for Shanghai dragon’s mistakes, some customers will take Shanghai dragon too effective, too strong. Even a successful Shanghai dragon with high income equal to hang. You know how in Shanghai Longfeng effect is only a branch and the search engine marketing. By the Shanghai dragon.

as an optimization personnel, I think more or less have received the Shanghai Longfeng list experience, inevitably will encounter of every hue customers, if you encounter some understand Shanghai Longfeng customers are easy to handle, but some do not understand Shanghai Long Fengqie demanding users, I think we need more communication skills. Some people may end up losing unable to resist sustain the blows, or because the customer is not satisfied with the list and white work, but no way, if we go to optimize this road, we need a positive attitude to face. Never mind breaking the transaction, but we cannot lose as Shanghai dragon Er due to the professionalism, integrity and. Three common types of customers do not understand the Shanghai dragon below the author sum up slightly in 2012 I encountered the question.

when we meet this kind of do not know Shanghai Longfeng customers how should we communicate? We can do a rough Shanghai dragon "literacy" action for the customer, and then give customers an estimated time required to achieve the effect of. In general, some degree of competition is not the word generally requires about three months. If our customers for more time in harsh words, I think you can suggest the user area for advertising.

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