Website optimization analysis of competitors should be from the inside to the outside

in the process of optimized website before, especially for new sites or new industries we must optimize the site for competitors every act and every move has a clear understanding, but I find a lot of time when we are in the analysis of competitors, the domain name is often the length of time and the amount of the chain to scare, and ignore the internal website optimization experience, in this article it is and we analysis, website optimization process we should from the inside of our competitors.

second, we must carefully analyze competitor’s website user experience. The user experience is not clearly defined, is actually a user intuitive feeling, it is like a beautiful girl. Some people think that some people think that in general, how to judge, first of all you need to have a correct aesthetic standard, website experience firstly you must be very professional, you need to understand what is the characteristics of professional site? For example, the author illustrates: good user experience website generally have the following characteristics, such as the use of network interface design is very clean and tidy, website structure and text, color collocation is very pleasing to people, there is not any blank area or dead link phenomenon, the website brand value is how to through the website the shape, these are the category of the user experience. Through these details to consider, you can be a good experience for the website has an intuitive grasp of the.

first, user demand analysis website opponent satisfaction. I believe that any one site, we can not only because of the existence of a long time, while ignoring their own true value for users. Analysis of the general idea of the author is to analyze the needs of industry users, demand from the user point of comparing competitor website, look at them in the section and content layout design is how to embody these details. For example, my own time in reading the website, will be a careful analysis of this article is for the user to do it or just to please the search engine, we can imagine that this article of the needs of users. With their own questions to read web content of others. After reading and follow their own inner thoughts you think this content of high value? If you can not write to write better than this? And the analysis of user needs we need to use the relevant third party sites, such as the common love of Shanghai index, search, drop-down, forum, Post Bar, quiz the platform can industry, look at recent customer asked questions from these problems, you will find what is the website how to provide users with the value? And you have truly, this time you have been very clear mind belly.


third, analysis of the opponent’s site outside the chain case. Although the weight of the site outside the chain is much less than before, but we still have to carefully analyze the construction of the chain of the opponent, if the other chain domain result is only a few hundred records, if the site is also home to at least the word that we certainly do organic. It will increase the confidence of optimization own, instead if you >

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