Ye Jun the effect of repeated content sites in Shanghai Dragon

4. station repeat. If you use the duplicate content on the site, will be punished because of repeated. This situation is more common in the blog, because the same article may appear on the home page, and the page and column page, of course, these things can not be avoided. At present, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Ye Jun blog this problem has always been there.

3. content plagiarism. The content of plagiarism generally refers to the content to crawl the site from others and don’t do any substantive changes made to their website, which is a relatively common phenomenon on the Internet in Chinese, realization of tort.

2. site mirror. This is not the most repetitive content search love, also contributed to the website for the search engine to delete the main reason. It should be understood from the literal understanding, mirroring web site on the Internet is also preserved in different places with a copy. The website can solve problems sometimes mirror site losses to the development of the Internet today, has no need to make the site mirror. Only in the mirror will appear malicious or fraudulent website.

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more than four kinds of repeat content, and content of the website image plagiarism website optimization is absolutely harmful. Although the station reprint and repeat on the website ranking damage is not too big, but there is no benefit, if handled improperly, the website is full of some characteristics of the content, the search engine is certainly not love. There are a large number of reprint content, the original position of the search engine will find reprint content, will eventually find out the earliest place.

duplicate content in the end what is the impact on the website ranking optimization? How much impact? This problem has been controversial, especially in the Internet is flooded with information today. Duplicate content is to search for a focus on the problem of engine, even if the duplicate content is hidden is no exception for similar pages in Google’s. If Google is found, the website ranking will be reduced, even completely remove suffering. In fact, duplicate content issues are not so easy, some people think it not worry too much, some people think that this problem is the key of optimization, in fact, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Yejun personally feel that the two views are right, but in the middle there is a difference, I should be the difference in. Repeat content can be divided into the following four types:


1. article reprint. This content is often repeated by the copyright owner’s permission, released in multiple content on the site at the same time. After the creation of this article will be reproduced to other websites, so as to obtain from other website one-way links to their websites. Duplicate content reproduced brought general no harm, but may lead to a website into similar content, and other search results cover.

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