Website Shanghai dragon pictures and detailed site map optimization

, ALT the title property website images become a knowledge point optimization, is also a small treasure, if the picture name is a string of numbers, then love spiders in Shanghai will not understand what is the meaning of this picture, if the use of Chinese logo will increase the weight of a web page, text at the same time the weight around the picture is relatively high, simply search engines like people browsing habits, more local browsing more weight is higher

First we look at the

optimization site map, we say the map is the love map of Shanghai, not the entire site map, why the introduction of love map of Shanghai, a knowledge map of Shanghai is actually love optimization, love Shanghai map can give love of spiders in Shanghai provide a path and good path, too that is to say to the love of spiders in Shanghai gives a "treasure" can be found in the road, the site of internal data capture, love map of Shanghai contributed, in fact love is like a map of Shanghai main road of a city, follow the main road will find many paths, this is love map of Shanghai made grasping process we can go to Shanghai in search of love, love Shanghai map generator, good location location, you can copy the code, simple and crude


H5 wave Putian roll hit, causing the website drop right has become a kind of inevitable, so how to quickly improve website website ranking or specific optimization how to carry on the website, today focus on Optimization of construction sites in Beijing, the original pioneer to share pictures and website construction site map.

The second is to optimize the image

website must give yourself liuhoulu, otherwise later optimization is too difficult to do, choose the company website, website construction company must choose the old brand, obvious advantages, Beijing site construction company, the original pioneer with more than ten years experience in website construction, website, complete trust original quality, believe that the pioneer spirit!

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