Do you want to join the Shanghai dragon training to become a master

first section: Shanghai Longfeng overview, mainly about what is called Shanghai dragon, why is called Shanghai Longfeng, do Shanghai Longfeng benefits, for example, tell you: search engine marketing is now a big trend, Shanghai dragon is one of the most effective way of promotion, customers will automatically find the door, then Shanghai Longfeng rankings do not need cost and price bidding, click once to how much money, the prospect of the industry is quite good, in this industry can improve their ability of listening to the first section, some interest in

second: the Shanghai Longfeng foundation and related technology, mainly introduces some say what is what is the space domain name ah, ah, how to choose the domain name, and then to choose what kind of space, and then to choose what kind of program, then lists some of today’s mainstream CMS, most of the general training do not understand the code, CMS is the best way to use it, basically most of all is to use DEDECMS as a demo program, and then tell you the major search engines to submit some content address similar.

contact Shanghai dragon industry has been for several years, the industry also has a broad understanding, although not formally participated in the training, but also from various channels to get a lot of training course, but also a general understanding of the Shanghai dragon training process and the teaching content, believe a lot of people through self-study to become Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, here we have a common idea, is that they’re not from the formal training institutions, feels there may be some deficiencies from the master some gap, so by all means method to get some training institutions information, and then look at his own is there some top secret things do not know, because the training structure generally is said to participate in the training can earn a lot of money, can be competent You can become a master, a lot of people spent a few hundred, many thousands, or even tens of thousands have been rewarded in the not the same, some people think that learning good stuff, some people think that the money to the wronged, say what you already know, too the value of each, the rationale for the following is my finishing general Shanghai dragon training course outline, if you want to participate in the Shanghai dragon training to become a master, you can see the following introduction, and then consider whether or not to sign up.

fourth: the hierarchical structure of Shanghai dragon and Web links, you tell here, the URL link is generally static or pseudo static.


third: Shanghai dragon keyword strategy and layout, here to tell you how to choose Guan Jian, such as Guan Jian word skills, how to determine the key word and the long tail word of Guan Jian Guan Jian, Guan Jian will tell you the core word is difficult, the optimization is more difficult, and the long tail word Guan Jian optimization difficulty is small, the flow more accurate, more easily lead to the conversion rate, so to do the long tail, then Guan Jian words how the layout of the core words such as layout page, column page with auxiliary word, long tail word used in the product page or the article page.

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