Cai Wensheng the next three to five years where the entrepreneurial direction

today most people talk about entrepreneurship, just think of the company, the internet. In my opinion, entrepreneurship is the creation of a cause, there are many kinds of business, such as writing a novel, painting a picture, or foot to Beijing, these are the cause.

There are numerous possibilities for

‘s business life, not limited to companies. From this point of view, I think everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, everyone should start a business, everyone will be successful.

often attend the meeting, I will have a feeling of heartache and sad. Each meeting to see a lot of entrepreneurs to the stage for taking pictures, phone, name card, I will be sad? Because entrepreneurs even get our mail list or name card, no use. Is that entrepreneurs are distressed, as in the past to the wrong direction. Should not go to the first row, should go to the second row. The first row is either a leader or a celebrity. Second rows of people, and hard work and money, the most important thing is that he has time to listen to you talk, you can find really useful.

five stages of entrepreneurship

five years ago, I wrote such a micro-blog:

"the struggle of life can be divided into five stages: the first stage, in order to survive, based on the community; the second stage: improve the life, improve the quality; the third stage: show off achievements, let more people know their own success. The fourth stage: experience more, the pursuit of feeling. Fifth, return to the park is true."

not only life, entrepreneurship also follow this rhythm.

thirty years ago, Chinese most successful entrepreneurs are often around the daily necessities, basic necessities of life unfold. After the second stage, fortune is Wenzhou and Jingjiang, they founded Anta, Lee Lang, seven horses and other brands, the quality of the underwear and socks to upgrade. In the third stage, show off, LV, Hermes, BMW and Mercedes Benz, the money is to make foreign brands. The fourth stage, the cultural and creative class MBA Ancient Chinese Literature Search, blossom everywhere, class, art, entertainment, tourism booming. The fifth stage, the establishment of funds, to give back to the community, as ma.

Internet entrepreneurship equally applicable.

first stage: portal and QQ era, access to information, simple communication. The second stage: the portal into micro-blog, today’s headlines, information quality upgrades, WeChat alternative QQ, chat upgrade. Third, the four stage: game entertainment, in the game to feel the satisfaction of all kinds of roles, to show off at the expense of the show. The fifth stage: spiritual belief.

why Apple has become the world’s richest company, because iPhone can not only reach the first four stages, and the spirit of charisma. Jobs’s personal charm and Apple products tightly tied together, creating a unique product spirit.

this gives us a lot of inspiration: entrepreneurship or do products, the more able to achieve a higher level, the more powerful vitality.

Internet features

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