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my blog was established in August last year, the beginning of the establishment of the know nothing, modify the appearance of light blog spent a day, anyhow is changed not ugly, and then began the difficult process of promotion. My blog is a sub domain name, personal feel sub domain with the WWW domain name, love Shanghai is treated equally, although some difficulties encountered in exchange Links, with some people don’t know how to explain the relationship of sub domain and WWW domain name, or change to a lot of Links, absolutely with the friendship link, the early establishment of blog thought to buy links, but later abandoned.

mentioned here is not the Network Tools >

, the layout of the key words not too much to consider, keyword density is adjusted by the late post, the current IP traffic every day at around 80, most of them are from the blog keywords in Shanghai love rankings, and half pass directly into the domain name. I am currently doing is to create a personal brand, the name and sub domain binding together, so a lot of promotion. There is a saying "boys and girls said: I am the best, I promise to make you happy – this is to sell. The boys said: there are 3 houses after my father, are you – this is a promotion. The boys are not at all girls, but the girls were male temperament and demeanor – this is a marketing company. Girls do not know boys, but all her friends praised the boy – this is the brand." We Shanghai dragon ER has to do is to get out of love outside of Shanghai traffic, which is the brand flow.



The use of

this is a long process, we need to establish a blog post through a variety of ways to inform others we have a blog, this point is very similar with the sales staff, when I do telephone sales to contact with customers by telephone in Hubei Bai Jie, leave personal information, we promote the blog too, we need to fully use the available resources, search engine, various chat tools, tell someone we know, I have a blog, you can come see. Can also tell others baidusa is my domain name, see the baidusa thought of Guo Yeye, think of my blog.

blog has become the preferred form of personal marketing promotion, brand promotion process, expand the popularity is every blogger in the pursuit of the goal, read the very fire blog article can attract three or four people a message, I did not so much of the blog, do not know this blog can bring what kind of economic interest, but this is my goal. The blog is not only a name card, but a personal description or manual, often see a lot of stationmaster net learning experience with blog construction and increase the flow of related articles, here also intends to own opinions published, to share with you the experience.

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