Camini please say goodbye to webmaster and pseudo original tools

why pseudo original tools will be eliminated

2, user demand. Just imagine, a paragraph is disrupted, words are free to replace, insert the contents of the article are independent of the user’s interest in reading? Well, this article can only improve the web page out rate. Users do not need such content, search engine is no need.

According to several

1, the search engine principle. We can roughly understand the principle of pseudo original tools now: synonymous substitution, insertion passages interrupt, keywords, insert the anchor text, add header footer, the mixed, but these methods, then according to the principle of the search engine index, synonyms basically useless, because most of the content is the same paragraph; interrupt is the same. The search engine’s index in most of the data is the same, so do the only thing that cannot be read; and insert keywords anchor text is the same, the main contents of the data is not changed; the mixing is to put a few articles to soft together, but according to the latent semantic indexing method, will be the same search engine recognition. That is to say, the search engine has the ability to identify the pseudo original tools for the production of articles, if not recognized, it is almost mumbo-jumbo, no one can read the article.

in Shanghai Longfeng forum today, some people say that the pseudo original high quality website will fall, spring is coming, open the mini is very agree with this view. But here the pseudo original back to add two characters, that is, open the mini that pseudo original tools will be eliminated. Here: this view may have a lot of people will throw egg, spray slobber, even many pseudo original tools the author criticized the author, but today their must stand up and say, pseudo original tool is past.

algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai recently, we found more and more waste site drop right even K station by search engines, for those who love Shanghai views high, jump out rate is low, long residence time of the web page gives higher weights, the author is keenly aware of, I have a website, continuous 3 months not update any content, but Shanghai still give love and love this website snapshot every day, Shanghai only included the 63 pages, the only explanation is that PV/IP is very high, website bounce rate is very low, so the search engine that this website provides substantial content to the user. But there is another friend’s corporate website, due to lack of content, the part of data acquisition and pseudo original tool, once a time ranking is very good, but the algorithm several times after the update now, keywords ranking has been very sad. Photo card:

3, the search engine demand. The search engine is to let the search results to the maximum extent to meet the needs of the users search, the search engine and the pursuit of eternal goal, imagine, search engines can make those who cannot read the front row in search results? The answer is obviously.

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