Analyze your PPC why advertisement investment return rate so low

two: landing page design casual

for the enterprise how to spend the least money to get the best results when a key problem. Every enterprise will take into account the investment return rate of the enterprise. There is no exception in the search engine marketing strategy in PPC. Many enterprises do PPC ads are met in the capital. PPC advertising low rate of return on investment for many reasons lies in the details of their strategy, the author will according to your PPC low rate of return on investment to share a few of his own analysis.

on the lack of skill

on the PPC, we need to focus on is to consider the keyword matching problem, only making accurate analysis of keywords, we can really get the target users, and in the key words or description of the time, we should not only correct analysis of key words, but also in innovation under the foot, imagine a stereotyped how to better attract the attention of the target users. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the word limit, we need to describe the PPC control in 80 characters within, we cannot guarantee that our PPC can always appear in the middle position of the search results, if appear on the right side of search results, so we must as far as possible the use of red, in order to show the title + description form.

PPC, a key ring is the ranking of bidding, so we are ranked first is the best? The author thinks otherwise, first position more easily become the object of competitors malicious clicks, the second is the first position more accessible to the search of the wrong click, so overall, the rate of return on investment is not high. But personally think that the best position should be second or third.


(4) to improve the credibility of the landing page, we can.

(1) of our PPC landing page is not necessarily going to the home page of the site, the best method is the collocation and related long tail keywords page, so you can better retain visitors and convert our.

(2) PPC landing page design should be concise, clear theme, do not open the page is overwhelming and the floating window advertising, the user experience will cause huge damage.

(3) PPC landing pages need collocation of customer service system, has a crucial influence on the site of the conversion rate.

as the stationmaster of a lot of people are aware of the conversion rate, the user to your site is not to say that is hundred percent will become your customers. For PPC, it is at best a guide for target visitors, when the next target visitors to our site after we need to, for example, PPC landing page design, this page is a want to get a high rate of return on investment of the enterprises can not ignore the problem in the design of the landing page, I have the following suggestions.

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