Effect should not be ignored when outside the chain the user click behavior

Why do I say that

on the chain, the high correlation between what is outside the chain of high quality, love Shanghai is so explained: with the chain real recommendation intentions. What factors can reflect whether a chain has recommended real effect? I think the user click behavior is the most factor with reference value. Therefore, I personally feel that love Shanghai will fully consider the user behavior decision function for the weights of the chain transfer.

The correlation between the ? ?What is the

however, the possibility that some Shanghai Longfeng phenomenon or for us to prove that this algorithm has the. Such as the recent popular so-called pseudo white Shanghai dragon, is in fact a foundation website to obtain the ranking, by clicking on the imitation of the user, to manipulate the website ranking. So have concluded: since the user in the search results click behavior, can affect the weight of a web site and ranking; so what users click on the behavior of the chain, will not affect the weight of Web site and ranking

take the chain, everyone in the hair of the chain always stressed that the quality of the chain must be high, the correlation of the chain must be high, the breadth of the chain must be high. But you have not thought about, why should we pay special attention to these things

Cai Cai believes that from the perspective of nature, the chain should be issued by the user. But for a new station, rely on the user to the construction of the chain is almost impossible, so we’ll users do what they do. We will emphasize on those elements, it is mainly in imitation of user behavior, so it looks easy, no traces of deliberate operation.


Nanei chain chain, although we have increased the correlation of attention, but still remain in the page content is related to whether the anchor text related to these technical problems. Cai Cai believes that we have neglected a more important question: user behavior for transmission link correlation and link weight effect.

is an imitation of user behavior, to imitate the real enough. In fact, the most important user in Cai Cai believes that the Internet is not the behavior of the hair of the chain, but constantly click on the chain (remember, users on the Internet is not by clicking on a link to a different page?). I think I could think of things, intelligent search engine algorithm engineers may not think so, the search engine algorithm will have a calculation about the chain hits, hits the method, but we do not know specifically how to count from.


Cai Cai is not what Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, but love is a reflection of Shanghai dragon er. Since the launch of the Shanghai green love bead chain algorithm and algorithm, we have become more emphasis on the correlation of the chain. But according to Cai Cai observation, we actually concerned about some technical problems for Shanghai dragon thinking is still not enough attention.

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