Competitive analysis to determine the degree of difficulty of promoting optimization

standard four:

analysis of the first 5 pages of the web siteThe

recently was always a problem to perplex, bidding ranking keywords, arrived in Beijing, here on the market price is not too understanding, your own price list is come from the Internet search, has recently been at this price list to offer to customers, the list failed. The customer will be goods more than three, the customer will of course is to choose the low price of the company, as long as the keyword ranking to achieve the desired position, their goal is achieved

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love Shanghai related search volume that we should all know it, the search volume display 1 highest behind 8 zero, ha ha, one hundred million Bai, a total of 76 pages, 760 data, where some people will go to see dozens of pages later website, I will also look at personal up to tenth pages! The search is probably divided into four levels: the case of 100, 100-1000 million, 1000-4000 million, more than 4000. Love is just a vague Shanghai search volume data, data at a glance, you can see at a glance, first give keyword promotion difficulty a basic position of

standard two: love Shanghai bidding number


later thought, the loss of customers is a problem, if there is no customers, I should leave, so they get a new QQ disguise, the identity of the customer to other companies about the market price, with a few key words before self assessment, ask a few different the company, a company for a class of words, and finally his quotation check, my offer is not generally high!! it is no wonder that the customer will gas you go! Found the problem, and then should go to solve the problem. Has been on the charge standard of diddle counterparts is certainly not desirable, must be summarized a set of criteria and their price range, below is summed up some of their analysis method of keyword promotion difficult! (love for Shanghai)

love Shanghai index can be roughly seen a keyword, an industry competition, search attention less than 100 words is generally less than 800 words, the word is a popular word, is higher than 1000 of the popular words, (for the entertainment industry website, except

data is time-consuming, must first look at the first 5 pages of the number of sites in the competition, and then look at how many industry station, mall site, and then analyze the ranking.

The number of

standard three: love Shanghai index


standard: love Shanghai related search volume

love Shanghai bidding can be fully show the competition degree, the number of over 7 is more intense competition, left for home page number in 10, Shanghai love for the people should know, some words of consumption per month is tens of thousands of high. The consumption, conversion rate is low, many customers will consider the reasons Shanghai dragon

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