Black hat Shanghai dragon cheating 10 key technique

2, large-scale station group

We all know that

1, the use of high weight website


3, the accumulation of

said that we replace the bait before an article later found this article was to change the rankings, those who do not have the commercial value of the keywords all replaced, replaced with similar popular keyword vocabulary, even the article, because the search engine is not so fast as to delete pages still, need a period of time, so this time this page will play a certain role.

operation station group is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is willing to use techniques, as the saying goes, raising resources well, when we have a certain number of websites, it is our own website operation Links or chain are very easy, but the definition of stations still have some difficulty, basically a few a website to push a website a little problem, but hundreds of thousands of you need to be careful, maybe it will be considered the black hat Shanghai dragon cheat.

I share

high weight website is a great influence on our rankings, so many black hat Shanghai dragon will use the high weight website do links, batch to do, complete and single keywords to. Their purpose is to use the high weight site are the link and transfer the weight, the rapid increase in a keyword ranking, of course it will not be long, but perhaps these people is to do short-term effect.

stacking location may be user visible place, may also be the user can not see the place, such as: "titile, description, keywords, tags, pictures ALT page visible text labels, page anchor text, anchor text page, the page footer department in the code review department, hidden in the table in these places, the keyword is a relatively vague concept, how much, how much accumulation is not, I think there should not appear, do not deliberately, or perhaps it will be considered the black hat Shanghai dragon cheating.

cheating methods of black hat Shanghai dragon today, not to let people learn how to do black hat Shanghai dragon, but everyone can know what kind of gimmick is black hat, that we can to avoid this situation, I will detail that I know the black hat Shanghai dragon style.

hidden text page keywords as the name suggests, is that users can not see, but the search engine can see. Obviously, these words are based on search engine for the purpose, needless to say, the most.


this I think we all know, but I have to sit down on the page definition, need not have words, and you have to add keywords ranking deliberately, and finally form accumulation.

4, bait to replace

5, hidden text

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