Easy to do the site outside the chain of high quality eight strategies King

a webmaster more than a friend, we will be able to do in the optimization of more advantages. Now Shanghai dragon industry has become more and more crowded, a lot of people come in, and are a lot of smart people, learn to receive ability is not necessarily worse than their own, some even more than his own lot, so what is your core competency? If you have a lot of friends you have their own core competitiveness now, is an important resource of the Shanghai dragon age, the old owners do more than the new webmaster, it is because the qualifications, because of the experience, because connections. These are the resources, so we do in Shanghai dragon must pay attention to their friends, because friends can give us great help. In the chain, we can find a friend to help Shanghai make love to know, if you are a friend, for our website exchange Links, may be more easily approved. In addition, encountered problems, we will discuss. In our group, there is a good way to do outside the chain of the group inside do not regularly have to share their experience with some friends, some intentional webmaster will arrange these experiences, sent to the station network, sent to the Chinaz, so that through the soft way can do a lot of the chain. This is the thing about friends.

the same lovely friends and enemies

chain when we began to pay attention to more included, slowly until we do more, find some included there is no effect, many also affect our observation for website data, so we determined to do outside the chain of high quality, but we also found that the chain of high the quality seems not so good to do, a lot of friends will die in this place, because they can’t find a good way to do outside the chain of high quality. This is we need to have a very important reason for the construction of the chain strategy. Below I to some of the chain strategy I carefully.


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. I have to introduce seven kinds of chain of skills, do not know how the previous article friends what kind of feelings, interested can look at the seventh article "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: seven awesome news", and then look at the front of the few. For the chain, there are too many can speak, but sometimes we do outside the chain is more need to rely on strategy. What is the strategy? Love Shanghai encyclopedia explained to us is: a collection of 1. can achieve the target program; course of action and fighting method according to the situation and the development of the 2. development; 3. art of struggle, can pay attention to ways and means. So we have some strategies like this? This is today I will introduce me to do another point of view: chain strategy is king.

to the enemy is our competitors, in fact not so hateful, we are doing the work for each master, hard work. Don’t complain too much, if people are stronger than you, we must analyze their own shortcomings, for example, shortly before my site has been ranked in the bottom of home wandering, >

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