RMB exchange rate fell out of the middle class panic to entrepreneurs bonus period on the half

just after new year’s day in 2017, Zheng Shanshan downstairs in the company of Starbucks coffee called a team meeting, a cup of latte, but the rhythm is not easy. A real estate project in their sales agent in the afternoon opening, several sales team of core customers and nervous supply information across time communication and British developers.

New Year’s day small long that policy news, so that Zheng Shanshan aware of the policy tightening in July 1st caused by the panic of the middle class will exacerbate. This time to seize the panic, is to seize the tuyere period. But it’s only half a year.

overseas asset allocation (real estate, technology and financial products) enterprise, is accompanied by the rise in 2016, the RMB exchange rate down, this is also accompanied by a panic in the middle class.

smell "panic" opportunity "old driver"

January 4, 2016 offshore RMB exchange rate dropped 600 basis points, down from 6.49 in the bank exchange rate fell to 6.52, then all the way to the market repeatedly; after the Spring Festival, the rise of the stock market, second tier city housing boom after the way down…… Sensitive people almost overnight into the dollar into the u.s.. At this point a wavelet investment for long-term consideration of overseas buyers to buy a house, or buy dollar fund.

has been in the real estate industry veteran of 12 years Zheng Shanshan realized that the middle class of overseas asset allocation just began to emerge. In fact, the real estate agents who have prepared enough for this market, from the chain to the home of the world are on the line in the United States, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and other places overseas listings.


overseas promotion activities in recent years by middle-class concern (Tencent technology plan)

in a lot of overseas real estate recommendation meeting, consulting a lot of customers, but also very confused. They have enough capital to invest, but not feel the way." Zheng Shanshan says that this type of customer is very common, they have rational thinking on the economy as a whole disk, also has the concept of overseas asset allocation, but the product did not have a clear judgment, can not distinguish what kind is a good project, which is popular; another type of customer is aggressive, they are not bad money, as long as the house itself quality the right area, the surrounding facilities, the appreciation of space, will soon sell to buy, or even stop to stop.

in June 2016, the first company to the founder of the company to her successor, returned to the bank’s real estate, targeting overseas asset allocation and management of the people, founded the second companies, the sea".

since then, her pace of work began to calculate the "hour", on the one hand travel field survey: Losangeles, New York, Tokyo housing, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Dubai, find a technical partner to develop products, to achieve precise matching between the needs of the population and mass products with big data technology; on the other hand will close investors. Seek financing. When O2O became a yellow flower in 2016, the sea family posted the concept of "consumer upgrade"

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