How many words you have your web site layout much traffic

Shanghai dragon knows how to flow, it is the user to search for a keyword, the keyword of your site has good rankings, the user clicks in produce flow. How come everyone website traffic clearly, site traffic is from your keywords, in fact it is nonsense, but many people don’t realize is that a large number of words, a lot of people have thought and real words. In the eyes of the general staff of Shanghai Longfeng just look to several popular keywords competition, and this is not the best word, this word is very competitive, and its commercial value is not very good. Of course, this word do up has its benefits.

we need to find some long tail word is no competition, no attention, but also the needs of the user, and then provide the corresponding content. Such words as long as you content, good quality, good website speed, is not how a problem. This type of content as long as you have included will have ranking, because this not only solves the problem of search engines, but also solve the problem of users, the same time, the search engine will not refuse. Remember to listen to a friend said, in foreign mature countries Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is subdivided by the very powerful, such as special code page optimization division, fine normal school, key words mining division. I even heard that there is a company specializing in selling keywords, they will find some valuable keywords, and then sold to some of these words, "

used to write an article that is only three factors of site traffic impact, it is included, rankings, click. In fact, only included is not enough, we must also bind to the keyword layout is complete. Otherwise, even if there is a lot of pages included, but there is no layout keywords, also can not get into the flow in the search engine. For example, some news writing is very attractive, but the user is not to search in this way, of course, some large flow where it does not need to have a search station traffic diversion, itself is more important. Such as Tianya forum, you can Post Bar love Shanghai, in which access to the flow of more value, rather than from the search to the flow.

but we do Shanghai Longfeng must think of it this way, our station traffic is not enough to support a post. Then we must get traffic through various channels, the search is the most direct the most natural, for example, we can put the seed word of an industry to find out, and then use the long tail keywords to dig deep mining tools. So that we can find out a large number of keywords, in our view now keyword mining is an important ability. At present popular keywords is love Shanghai or some large websites, or is some love Shanghai cooperation platform, it is difficult to flow to our website, the spell of popular keywords ranking is one thing I am most against the cost of time is too long, the transformation is too poor, the time and resources to do some other words effect a lot of good, but not to fight these hot words, hot words future road more and more narrow.

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