Love does not necessarily enhance the Shanghai original website ranking

recently a lot of optimization of customer to ask why I insist every day a original articles, but I still have the website keywords ranking did not change

1, love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, let many webmaster aware of the need to return to the site itself, also began to focus on the user experience, to experience the use of subjective user product analysis. Teng cautioned there are design a day Shanghai algorithm will be more and more mature, there will be many sites will be because of this problem and be ruthless love Shanghai K off, but the only thing we can do is to upgrade the original operating application to our site. Stationmaster should pay more attention to the construction of the content, content to construction for customers, including content pages, etc..

2, Shanghai’s new love nothing more than to tell you, practical site optimization is the right path. But don’t forget to support a behind the original content, need to have good keywords inside and outside the chain chain, so as to enhance the degree of concern for your engine. We often say: "content is king", the chain for the emperor "". This sentence is never out of date, you can think so: Although you have high quality original content, but you do not know spider site has such good stuff, he will not come to grab, so you need to send the chain advertising and soft to remind, let it come to your station to take a look at. The useful information to the Internet, let more people to search to your station information.

? Scindapsus algorithm

Motomoon Akiyuto designed the original article, please add the source: 贵族宝贝tengsj贵族宝贝

webmaster can reading under the new "love Shanghai". Control your own web site, what are the disadvantages of analysis website, solve the website structure, code, chain site itself from the root of the problem.

note: the original plan was born is not a single marketing strategy, but the need for external information to assist your keywords ascend higher. So don’t pay attention to the meaning of the original while ignoring the chain and chain.

– may love Shanghai because of the recent storm caused the customer thought misleading, in fact love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the Internet search "green", so that more users can search more original information in the content of search keywords, but not everyone is a style. I often talk to the website, many friends have misunderstood the purpose of your website, has been simply the profit as the black power, and forget the user experience, in the construction of many owners to fill the content as the establishment of standards that have content and pseudo original or original can put the rankings do love Shanghai home. The idea is a deep misunderstanding, is not allowed in the website optimization. Do you love Shanghai privately to what benefit fee, love Shanghai what give you the return

?The right approach:

Love Shanghai SEO Guide 2.0[official version]

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