Don’t try to use robots txt files to prevent love in Shanghai

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is actually the case, how to cluster host that day I also just want to buy their own test speed, then download the Sina home page on the space bound test. Results after measuring dumped robots.txt files. This means that it can Everything will be fine., who knows Baidu she does not eat this set, I stand that is not mistaken as received. The results of this tragedy, I don’t know, if I railway station that is directly to another station, I still worried about if directly on the new words, Baidu my K, or drop right!

later found some data, analysis of the original railway station, the chain is to blame, because before I watch love Shanghai official of this file to the introduction. In Shanghai love search Help Center – banned search engine included in the third article wrote: "I love Shanghai, I set the ban included the content of the web site in robots.txt, why love Shanghai also appears in the search results?" answer: if the other site links to prohibit included web settings in your robots.txt file so, these pages may still appear in Shanghai love search results, but the content on your page will not be built into the index, capture and display, display love Shanghai search results is only related to other web sites on your page description.

so we must pay attention to the webmaster, if you want to make the site are not shown in the words of love Shanghai in the new station in the construction site during the commissioning period, please do not put the domain name address on the love of spiders in Shanghai may crawl places, such as the most webmaster favorite forum signature Huan set, so sometimes in the chain will imperceptibly and sent out.

PS directly above the first, look at the pictures carefully, the domain name, if not see the domain name, you will put this estimate as a snapshot of the home page Sina snapshot! See here may be some webmaster to doubt, some webmaster to laugh. We certainly want to know how this condition is caused by


no way now, I consulted the Xiaohan teacher, he told me that the page title Riga; now love Shanghai to stop updating the snapshot.

This is ?

I tell you my real experience, there are pictures and really like. Before this and I sit in you, think to write a robots.txt Everything will be fine., you can feel comfortable debugging website. The only regret but tend to love Shanghai included, the original wrong, write robots.txt banned included the rules of no use to love Shanghai.

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