After the 3B war love Shanghai 360 decide on what path to follow

used to see this argument, say 08 years, Google has not quit Chinese, just love Shanghai encountered a crisis of confidence of users, then 360 if the torture of love in Shanghai, is the best opportunity. But in view, this argument is somewhat naive, first of all, 08 years before Google did not withdraw from the Chinese, the biggest threat to the love of Shanghai is Google, Google whether economic or technical strength, is not love than the love of Shanghai, Shanghai has been able to gain a foothold, because it is Chinese search engine, at that time to love Shanghai to launch an attack, we would not say whether there are 360 such strength, even if there is, you determine the profit is 360? Secondly, in this world the existence of unfair competition, the competition in the industry, mostly with this kind of unfair, rely on healthy competition can promote the industry to a certain extent the development and use of household profit, but that competition, must be under control, macro-control, harmonious society, some factors are not sure, need to be killed in the cradle .

see love Shanghai quietly in the home spread your browser, but not by the thought of the "3B war" topic, I love to see the traffic research statistics of Shanghai in recent months, 360 security browser market share has shrunk very serious, 8-10 months, only 9.13%, you know, from January to July this year 36>.

yes, for our users, we need a fair search engine to provide the services we need, rather than the search engine will impose their own views to us, and then manipulate the user’s cognitive and habits, on this view, the author in the "search for immortality," colonial "more than" also have mentioned, this will not repeat them. A benign competition can bring users relative to the best quality service, but we want to see is that Utopia and reality is often not a small difference, in the United States, living in the "Google world" a small site, life is still firmly in the hands of Google, no enterprise will not dominate their industry dream, it is not to say that it is not only not to do. Give it enough strength and good opportunity, sage into "God" is then a little while.


the "3B war" with the relevant departments of the state intervention, gradually came to an end, the Internet world is so old, also did not go to the new. Once the "3B war", love Shanghai with 360 is almost naked melee, love Shanghai shares fell 360 a month, to seize the 10% Chinese search market, love Shanghai forced to jump on any search 360, and that the 360 browser steal user privacy data. When is it, it is lively and extraordinary, almost in Sogou also mixed, but the government a "Internet search engine service self-discipline" seems to solve all disputes, love Shanghai and 360 have died. Chinese is that government is always the most powerful.

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