Love Shanghai bidding data analysis of search terms and customer service record


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with the bidding on advertising we need to analyze data, more than 60% of the current operation for the traditional enterprise has not analyzed the data, which is their main reason for promotion do not good.

how to do data analysis? Pay attention to residence time, visitors to show the amount of bounce rate, click rate, average price and click data? Is the data analysis, admittedly, these data is more important, Wu Longjie believes that if every day we focus on these data, how to improve the click rate, how to reduce the average click price and so on. The effect may not improve, when we promote the account optimization to a certain stage, these data will be stable, but the enterprise must see is every day how much money to spend, how much turnover, to obtain the number information of potential customers, such as the bounce rate, click rate of such data for our industry will have the reference for the enterprise, but is in fact no meaning.

contact according to Wu Longjie enterprises, their bidding account is often financial, editing, and even your boss is also responsible for some love Shanghai to help manage the customer service, every day they do is to look at how much consumption accounts, check the keywords ranking, tune the price, not to mention the data analysis, this operation may account a few years ago, the effect is very good, but now, it is absolutely impossible to have a good effect. What are the key words to bring transformation, what keywords are not transformed who do not know, only through the data to see, by tracking customer consultation records obtained by tracking customer call records, so the conclusion is more credible and more scientific, rather than a keyword that most probably it did not actually happen to the transaction, to promotion, to grab ranking.

didn’t do data analysis, there is no basis for the blind in bidding on advertising, is the result of the conversion rate is very low, despite the possibility of more or less will have little effect. For a long time, began to complain about the Shanghai platform for the promotion of love has to die, burn, the effect is not good, too much competition, all kinds of love in Shanghai accused, finally even don’t want to do, but they suffer no better ways of marketing, can only carry on. I think most enterprises do for promotion are faced with such problems. The actual situation is with the development of love Shanghai, love Shanghai platform for the promotion of the function more perfect, with the marketing should be more accurate, better, better conversion rate, but the reality is the opposite.

again love Shanghai promotion data analysis is very important, and it is very important that the data as the basis for the operation of this auction is more scientific, there is no basis for the operation of bidding will not last long. Before we have a customer in Nanjing found on our main push 3 core top words, through our chat record last year data tracking, found no effective dialogue search words from these 3 hot words, this is the result, how much wasted advertising costs one should know about it.

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