Analysis of the long tail keywords than the core keywords

(1) using search engines to find the long tail keywords, keyword search in the input box, on the back of the drop-down words, these words is the long tail keywords in the search structure under the relevant search can also be used as a long tail keywords.

website optimization keywords, one is the positioning of the user search keywords, a key positioning of the industry, the 2 positioning determines the core of the web site keywords. Analysis of successful website optimization and core keywords, search from the user point of view, the search volume of long tail keywords is far greater than the core keywords, because positioning good long tail keywords, and bring traffic. This translates to the website will have a big effect rate.


(2) combination of key growth tail keywords

long tail keywords Methods

long tail keywords can express clearly. Key words: such as Shenyang Shenyang group purchase group purchase of long tail keywords, site navigation, can be understood in this way, the core keywords including Shenyang Shenyang group purchase group purchase website navigation, including Shenyang network group purchase Daquan and other derived words, so different users have different semantic, search, user search habits is the one thing clear description, long tail keywords meaning than the core keywords to express more clearly, so it can bring more traffic.

search engine on the left side of the general is to promote the enterprise website, the degree of competition is very intense. Keywords core competition, a top will be a lot of money, long tail keywords price compared to less than the core keywords, and search rankings directly show to the user, the user location directly. Many search engines do not understand or do not consider the user, then the main keywords ranking first, also do not bring much traffic.


finding of long tail keywords, I summarize a few points:


long tail keywords than the core keywords is long, long text. Long tail keywords is associated with the core of the key word. For example: the core Keywords: decoration, long tail keywords beauty salon decoration design, decoration, decoration materials and so on. General long tail keywords is a combination of 2 to 3 words. The long tail keywords and user search words have direct contact, such as the user will ask the beauty salon decoration company good? Which involves the words long tail keywords beauty salon beauty salon decoration decoration company, with the company page appears in front of the user, rather than other decoration vocabulary.

The first step is to locate semantic analysisThe semantic

(3) on the long tail keywords search engine

as I said above, the design and decoration of beauty salons, are so keywords, together is the beauty salon decoration design of the long tail keywords, need to pay attention to is 3 words to be divided into focus. Keywords combination of long tail keywords, pay attention to.

a word: when you consider the user experience, user search habits, more long tail keywords is more obvious.

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