How to mining the long tail keywords

methodFirst, traffic statistics tool

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


webmaster tools and software. At present the webmaster tools like the owners of the home, love station network, Adsense helper have similar keywords to expand the query, and gives the keyword search volume index, love Shanghai and the optimization of difficulty, can also expand to a certain amount of keywords in a certain extent.

web search traffic comes from the long tail keywords, the more large and medium-sized apartment layout door website, long term traffic accounted for more heavy. The long tail keywords to a website can bring good traffic, but with the individual station, station enterprises continue to increase, the Shanghai dragon website optimization has become increasingly difficult. Generally speaking, long tail keywords mining are the following:


sixth and other methods. For example, to rival the website, be made of some crawlers to crawl the web site over the long tail word, de emphasis, screening, stored in the lexicon. Or use the love Shanghai index, Search Ranking these tools to collect and develop some long tail word.

Most of the

fifth, the search engine provides the webmaster tools / keyword tool. Google webmaster tools and love of Shanghai phoenix nest for the background the keyword query have expand keywords function, in the country, the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng are still in love Shanghai, love Shanghai for the background so the key words are relatively important, search times and expand words is relatively reliable.

. This is after the keyword search engines and a large number of access to the real background and value of the long tail word. With the help of website traffic statistical tools can not only analyze the source of traffic to the site, but also can analyze the user’s search behavior, which is what users enter the site through a search term.


third, Q & a platform and professional community. Like Shanghai, know love quiz platform Soso Ask the question and answer, these integrated, all walks of life will have a quiz, although the full promotion and advertising a lot of questions, but there are also a large number of real users ask, so a large part of the long tail word may be unexpected we brainstorm, and a long tail the word after the back-end search engine keyword tools and flow statistics background keywords mining expansion method.



second, Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant search. The love of Shanghai can also access the drop-down box prompts some long tail keywords, these words largely will allow users to directly search, it also has access and conversion effect, but also related to search. But because the drop-down box is single search, expansion amount is relatively small, the long tail word is not suitable for large batch mining. Love Shanghai search code as follows:


Step Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

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