Aiya Yoshiya Deng Wei’s seventh venture from zero to valuation of 1 billion only in 273 days

Abstract: from the beginning of my work is to work 14 hours for 6 consecutive days, no matter what I have rushed in front of the cannon fodder, strict requirements on their own, their team is also bitter bitter. But let oneself become strong, will also be strong.


business is not easy, "love house" has seventh startups Deng Wei, and from the company to the valuation of more than $1 billion, lovehouse rent was only 273 days, set a new record in the


"the gorgeous Chi" interview with Deng Wei for her "female Racer" of a domineering deep infection: rational, uncompetitive, adventurous, clear and open strategy.

why did you say that she was a female racer? Deng Wei said: "people think the risk big thing here is very normal, like the other car on the road, but we like the same occupation Racer speed on the track, the risk is indeed great, but this is what I do"


gorgeous Chi: 10 years in the Internet, after a series of entrepreneurial venture, every time to determine how to enter the field of entrepreneurship,?

venture capital investment in the field is no one to develop the field, a series of entrepreneurs are bound to face the choice and access to different areas of the industry.

era is a different stage of development, such as the Internet since the emergence of the media, electricity providers, mobile Internet has three stages. My business is basically in accordance with the rhythm of the. In 2000 to enter the Internet industry, then there is a clear judgment on the industry, I think the Internet can be at least 10-20 years of prosperity.

although the business opportunities are unknown, but entrepreneurship is logical, you can predict the future into the future by the largest tuyere.


gorgeous Chi: every time you enter a new field, the Internet thinking and experience of entrepreneurship and quickly find out what the industry to help?

first, based on the principle of economics of fundamental judgments, human behavior is not divided by economic lever to promote the industry, there is a pattern, a lot of experience and knowledge is universal, many entrepreneurs after all of these can be used as a basic knowledge base.

secondly, entrepreneurs usually start thinking about the industry from scratch, from the most naive assumptions began to ask why ten thousand, constantly adjust or even push to find their core competitiveness.

a lot of people in the traditional industry for decades, the beginning of the same starting from zero, after successfully entered into the stage of excellence, but also so many insiders used to stay on the basis of the original work, but ignore the change of the market and the change of consumption habits, and this is precisely the new fall into the industry entrepreneurs the opportunity.

"what kind of person you are, what you are going to be."

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