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bird @ old Tai is exposed to higher in October of 08, it will still be silly to other people click, take rebate. It’s specially calculated: one click 1 cents, plus a commission, 1000 cents per click, 1.5 cents a day, 15 dollars, and very simple daily income. Also flattered and students to show off, I ~ ha ha! You may be said to be true smile.

doesn’t forget to use the popular 2 concept to differentiate the online advertising industry.

then slowly found that the money is so slow, the heart began to worry, and constantly looking for more foreign click site. A lot of people selling so-called "guaranteed income 100 yuan" Wangzhuan tutorial found in the process of looking. In fact, Lao Tai wanted to buy it at that time, but he was still a student, so he could not buy it. Slowly, I have also collected some of the tutorials that have been handed out by other people. I have been very careful and have been confused for a long time. In the following, there have been a lot of "daily income of 100 yuan free training", to reach the income after payment". How can such a good thing not to participate in the old Thai? So in accordance with the requirements of their modified signature and so on, can learn in a few days, its fundamental purpose is to teach you a station, and I was not a station, but not so much money to buy them, so we should be grounded once again… Laughed again, so a simple scam would turn the old Thai to cheat.

was in the cold winter of the Internet, and many websites suddenly seemed to understand a simple truth – to find ways to make money. Internet advertising, as a new advertising model, has been a high expectation, but it is quickly put on the back burner. Many websites, especially small and medium-sized websites, are disappointed in the slow growth of Internet advertising, turning text messaging, online games, etc to the last straw. Compared with print ads, TV ads is a million revenue income, Internet advertising has vowed to expect the prosperity of event did not occur.

, in his view, was a turning point in online advertising in 2003. "Before 2003, it was the" quasi 1 "era of online advertising, and the advertising format was already available. More and more customers were not very satisfied with the role and value of Internet advertising. By 2003, many businesses and businesses were aware that publishing their ads on the Internet could have a big impact on sales. By 2005, many online advertising practitioners and advertisers, advertising in network interaction, expression and effect of force are superior to the traditional advertising, began a large-scale investment, so the network advertising 2 times the originator."

is now the largest advertising agency in the text of the Dragon extension interactive, founded in 2001, when mainly engaged in Internet advertising agency services.

later, inadvertently got the then bustling with "understand the day to earn 50 yuan of hilarious pictures station" source. Mood that call an excited ah, immediately bought the domain name space fortunately CN meters at that time is one yuan registration, began my site construction course. At this time found the need for GG accounts, how to do? Try to apply for a sudden discovery, GG Adsense application interface is how familiar, can it be, huh, huh, just as you want. Right now, I’ve searched all the Email I’ve been using for years, and I’ve really found it. If I remember correctly, I should have inadvertently taken accounts of my own third party blog in 05 or 06 years. It seems to me in a few years before the higher the subconscious….

in the twinkling of an eye, to the 09 year of the Spring Festival, because home is not school, so also rarely online. I’ve been thinking… Thinking. Consider what is not suitable for do Wangzhuan, which was the most suitable for their own development to Wangzhuan, and how to develop it? Because of this when I was a graduate student, I have been very confused. Think about trying for a few more months, if you still can’t get into it

"at that time, a lot of Internet advertising is to work for the principle, as long as there is space on the page if advertising, plus a floating window pop-up window etc.. Users see these ads, there is only one word, annoying. The communication effect is greatly reduced, and many advertisers are reluctant to spend their major budget on Internet advertising." Su Yi said that during this time, "dragon extension" interaction, as well as many Internet advertising agencies, is facing the problem of survival and development.

in March this year, "embedded ad dotting Clickeye officially launched, and longtuo brewing launched include network, talent network, buckwheat call bell bell Di paid advertising and many other new network advertising industry.

, the online advertising market is on an unprecedented leap forward. We used to add 4 servers to our entire company. Now, basically, we buy a server a day." Long extension Interactive Advertising Co., Ltd., chairman and CEO, Su Yi so describe the upcoming changes in the online advertising market.

web advertising 2.0

also in 2005, longtuo began to enter the marketing and the effect of network advertisement intelligent communication field, will transfer the development focus of advertising products to spread effect and how to play the unique advantages of the Internet interactivity, this concept has been in Gobi Gobi, the VC identity.

later and then come into contact with the network, hundreds of online video made in suangke have gradually learned the Wangzhuan Road, then some of the "celebrity" by the tutorial or ebook, he gradually summed up current Wangzhuan type basic mode and core ideas.

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