Founder ofo advantage in daily cash income over a million gross margin ultra highf Lei Jun starts

millet and Jingdong’s success is accidental,

original title: ofo founder, Dai Wei for the first time to share: 6 key points from the 0 to the unicorn, and the ambition of the future

at first, the solution we think of is very traditional. We take turns every night in the school campus, hoping to catch the thief who stole the car. Later found that this is very unreliable, we can not rely on this car back. Later, we were wondering if we could find a way to consider the problem from the bike itself. So how to ride, ride hard to solve, it is a problem that we study.


our overall judgment is that the demand for riding is very large in china. But we didn’t want to get the car when we wanted it. It wasn’t because of fewer cars, of course, but because we had a lock on the car we wanted to use. So we wanted to be able to put a license plate on each bike like a car. That would be like marking every car.

again, Liu Qiangdong and his Jingdong, for e-commerce, in fact, in 1999, Amazon established, in 2000, China has a group of people to test the water e-commerce, then there are countries, 8848 and other teams. The team had more than 06 years, after 07 years to do the electricity supplier team to poor? Rather, time is the electronic commerce in the domestic market has not arrived yet, the user’s online consumer habits have not been established, the online payment system is far from perfect and popular, the market the background is destined to 2000 and not e-commerce outlet.

The opening of the As the founder of ofo

in China, the bike stock in about 400 million, plus electric cars about 600 million, but these cars are offline offline, we do not know where these bodies, and can not distinguish them. So the first thing we do is to put a license plate on the bike. In fact, the government is also thinking of putting bicycles on plates to solve the problem of identification and theft, but it has never been able to do so, so we thought it might be up to us to do it.

"too early, die on the beach", "too late, has many people to do", "but then no longer adhere to one or two years" basically describes how to determine the "perception of opportunity" in the entrepreneurial process. Therefore, the timing of entrepreneurship is particularly important.

actually, it’s easy for me to share the starting point of cycling with ofo. That’s when I lost five bikes in the University for four years. In the University, there is no bike, not riding a bike is very inconvenient, so I took my little partners to consider how to solve the problem of always losing the car.

Before starting a business,

Granville: it’s a pleasure to share with you here. Today, I’ll introduce the current situation of ofo first. I’ll share some stories and thoughts about my founding ofo later.

means that the time is right, everything except the east wind, Zhu Geliang is waiting for the wind time. So how?

, let’s begin by answering these two questions.

, only 25 years old, Davy is how not to be optimistic about the situation in the early stages of development, promote enterprise to achieve so much in a year? 19, while the core brand of the year student party, Davy first comprehensive review of their careers, marked the business node important, and revealed the story behind a partnership with drops and many leading investment institutions to.

entrepreneurs may ask themselves a question: why do I do this thing today more than five years ago and have a higher probability of success?

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if Lei Jun started doing millet from 2007, if Liu Qiangdong founded Jingdong in 2000, would the story be the same as now?

if Lei Jun started doing millet from 2007, if Liu Qiangdong founded Jingdong in 2000, would the story be the same as now?


the most optimistic people always think that change is due tomorrow turn the world upside down rushed in, in a hurry, afraid of missing this time window; while the pessimistic people may never see this change, or even think to change, how have 5 years to 10 years, so what he can do, they just forgot to field more and more present "Moore’s law", increase the surprising index.


accurate grasp of entrepreneurial opportunity, is a very difficult thing, your business is to follow suit, or change the flow by

Lei Jun is very powerful, but if he is to do millet in 2007 can be made? The answer is negative, then from the sales channels and sales channels, without electricity providers, the advantage of the traditional mobile phone manufacturers is the biggest line, huge distribution capacity, Lei Jun no ability are not eligible to compete with them. On the other hand, the Android iOS smartphone boom did not happen. And precisely because of these changes in smart phones, e-commerce, Internet brands to allow Lei Jun from the time point in 2010 to do millet, this time point neither early nor late.

lost five cars in a year, four years, and found the direction of entrepreneurship


second, we found that the traditional bicycle lock with a key it is very inconvenient, we had the dormitory a few cars are often mixed with the ride, but mixed mixed go find not clear where the key to open a lock. Then we came up with an idea to switch to a password lock

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