Travel long game was lightning inquiry and 360 subsidiary cooperation can landingSome questions of

according to the cooperation agreement signed by both parties, the world star to provide technical resources and access user resources, Shanghai purple key provides game content and server, and is responsible for the overall operation and bear the cost of cooperation; after the official launch of the business, the two sides in accordance with the game operation generated user fee amount into.

in this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange to travel long game issued a letter of inquiry, the supplementary disclosure of Shanghai purple key basic operation situation, whether the game business related qualification, cooperation with the company’s current main business relationship and necessity, as well as the background, the specific business cooperation between the two sides of the positioning and effect etc..

long tour game 5 evening announcement that its subsidiary company Shanghai sun purple key and 360 wholly-owned subsidiary of world star signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will carry out cooperation interactive game business. But then, the co-operation was subject to inquiries by the regulator, the Shanghai Stock Exchange hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai Stock Exchange".

asked: CCIEBS what way, which channels make IEBS in recognition, employment and many other aspects of benefit?

A: by the United Nations Development Programme UNDP and the United Nations Development Fund for science and Technology Organization UNFSTD founded the permanent project mechanism TIPS technical information system to promote the United Nations 34 countries members of the government, the certificate of IEBS in these countries and regions directly recognized: Canada, the United States, Italy EU Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Republic of Ecuador, Salvatore, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Albania, Romania, Venezuela, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Chinese, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri lanka.

7 and China World Trade Center United Conference on Global trade point network Trade Point, the international trade promotion organizations such as the American Association of importers, in non Trade Promotion Association cooperation, the employment, recognized IEBS information more widely released to the world.

announced by the announcement, the two sides are still in the initial stage of cooperation, business model and profit model and other important content is not clear, there may be policies and market competition and other risks. After inquiry by the regulatory authorities, if you travel long game can not fill the material as requested, the cooperation may be difficult landing.

in addition, it is worth noting that, because of the long game planned cooperation, the company’s stock has been suspended on June 2, 2017, and plans to resume trading on June 6th. But after the Shanghai Stock Exchange raided the long game for questioning, the company decided to continue the stock suspension.

reportedly, the Shanghai purple key is mainly engaged in mobile game research and development and operation, with independent intellectual property rights or legally authorized mobile games, Internet technology and application service technology. World star Zhou Hongyi is the legal representative, the company set the game distribution, operation, promotion and service as a whole, the ability of operating the whole category Internet game.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

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