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on the Developer Auction platform, if an enterprise decides to hire a developer after an interview, then the enterprise must fulfill the previous offer, but the developer has the right to choose not


the competition in modern society is so fierce that it is difficult to find a good job to meet the salary expectations. Job seekers complain that jobs are hard to find, and some companies that need talent are lamenting that it is difficult to recruit ideal talent. To solve this problem, Developer Auction, an American start-up company, has launched an ingenious recruitment platform. Before all the job seekers crowded head for the same position, and the Developer Auction platform is to allow business talents for public bidding, they put the top developers on the Internet "auction", the enterprise can contrast, selection, recruitment, and gives the "quotation", it is offer.



Auntion hosted its first auction in August this year, 3048 developers created a resume on the site at Developer. Creating resumes is totally free, but each auction allows up to 150 applicants, and it looks like competition is pretty fierce.

now has 574 companies looking for talent through the site, including some well-known companies such as Facebook, Zygna, LivingSocial, Parse, Shopzilla, Jawbone, Tagged, and so on.


during the 14 day auction, some developers received 5-10 Offer, and it seems that Developer Auction is a very good job / recruitment platform for job seekers and businesses.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
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this platform is a bit like a traditional auction, and developers are like auctions. The resume of top developers will be displayed on the website for a period of time, such as 2 weeks, during which companies can compare, select and recruit people and offer a price that is considered worthwhile.

"top developers are 25 times as efficient and efficient as average developers, but their salary doesn’t reflect that, that is, salary isn’t proportional to capacity.". We create the job platform’s intention is to make more An able man is always busy. also can."

Developer Auction co-founder Matt Mickiewicz in an interview with well-known U.S. technology blog Mashable interview, said:


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