Nine wins two advertisers to stop deliveryAn upgrade of nternet advertising

notice: Pippi fanchon advertising was suspended for two days!

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      PI film has just received official notice from today Pipi network advertising will be suspended for two days running. Pippi ad temporarily by "World Tour network advertising" instead, Pippi advertising opened will be made to inform you the inconvenience, please understand!

notice: Globe7 ad suspended for two weeks!

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        received Globe7 official notification, Globe7 advertising from October 31st 07 onwards, suspended for two weeks. Advertising specific opening time, please note alliance announcement. Sorry for the inconvenience!

! A data report

to call for advertising user group, Gao Hongbing said, call advertising not all ads, some advertisers came to the door, but is still the key reason is the interaction of ants away, because it is not suitable for the call advertising business model. Relatively speaking, the field of education and training, investment sales, food consumption and health care is more suitable for the "call advertising", because of the potential demand of users for advertising, they can expect more direct communication with the enterprise, and in the past, they are interested in advertising, will take the initiative to spend money to call, and now call "advertisement" that is completely free for consumers, call charges are to be borne by the advertisers.

and, call advertising can effectively avoid sh419, shlf1314 and other search, PPC ads appear click fraud phenomenon. The phenomenon of malicious repeated clicks on online advertisements through manual or program click fraud greatly reduces the advertising effect and increases the advertiser’s advertising expenditure. Compared to call advertising, there is very little "call cheating" problem, first of all, the cost of calling cheating is too high, and it needs to be passed through the background monitoring platform.

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internet lab shows that Internet advertising is evolving into a new form, the first generation of Internet advertising is the portal advertising, is a brand exhibition by browsing payment; the second generation of shlf1314, as a representative of the sh419 search advertising, PPC advertising; third generation model the network advertisement is a pay per call advertising, this is the next generation of the Internet advertising revenue in the direction of mining huge cash flow. In the future, many online ads will embed "call" advertising buttons. This is an upgrade of Internet advertising, but it is not an alternative.

this article comes from: webmaster net www.admin5 detailed reference: admin5/article/20071029/60322.shtml

and most Web2.0 sites find it difficult to find profit points, the business model of call advertising is relatively clear. Call advertising, also known as pay per call advertising. Although it appears in the form of online advertising, it charges advertisers only after they form direct calls between consumers and advertisers. Advertisers need to pay 0.3 yuan / minute for phone calls, and 7 yuan for each phone call. In order to prevent incorrect dialing and other invalid calls, the ant interaction is not charged within 45 seconds.

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since April this year, some ads on the Internet have added a "free to connect enterprise phone" button. Click this button, the page will pop up a dialog box, just enter your hand on the landline or mobile phone number, click the "call me right now" button, the phone will ring immediately. The new "call advertising" model which is the launch of the ant ant interaction, interactive company chairman Gao Hongbing said in an interview with reporters, call advertising adopted a "free call, a new generation of advertising network platform to pay, through the" call advertising "can help enterprises or advertisers realize precision marketing.

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