Foreigners’ high price links are hard to resistAli’s mother is Adbrite in China

wish you a lot of links, make money,

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2 after registration is completed, login background, click on the navigation menu "mysite> submit site> one site" to add Web site

made a "through foreign text advertising to make admin5/article/20090428/146056.shtml" post yesterday, today published an article on the sale of links to tutorials, exaggeration to say actually everywhere is beautiful knife, see whether you would like to pick up.

is complete, click the add site button below to submit it. Submit completed, your site has a conversion process, when you are in the background of "mysite> manage site" to see your site submitted for "Approved" when you have been in operation for this site.

      everyone has to do one thing, and I do this station to earn more dollars, when you by me to register AdBrite and earn income, I can get the Commission recommended, certainly not in your account but also AdBrite to buckle my income. At the same time, if you think the ad on the shlf1314 is not good, you can also try to register ADbrite to launch, because AdBrite can more accurately define the launch area, so that you get better results with less money. Payment time and payment method for

      ADbrite is America’s biggest Internet advertising and dealer. Second only to shlf1314 and Yahoo, etc.. At the same time, pay for the whole world, including china. Moreover, there are many differences in operation and rules, such as not easily closed accounts, and advertising price is good. For the current domestic shlf1314 low price. It’s time to pick a better advertiser. Now the domestic launch Adbrite users is not much so it should be as early as possible and there are a lot of expensive advertising. If there are too many people, high prices can easily be divided. Otherwise, there will be shlf1314 at the same time the phenomenon of low prices in the country.

note: all the money earned in LW is LW, 7/3, or your 70%, LW, 30%. I’ve only done this project with links, so I’ll take this as a tutorial for registration.

Linkworth to Backlinks is different, linkworth hereinafter referred to as LW more, many kinds of ways to make money, but the sale price can be custom links in LW, that is to say, you think your site links a value of $50, you can set the price to $50. As long as a buyer feels that the price is worth, he will buy, so earn more than in backlinks hereinafter referred to as BL sell links to earn much.

      after Ali mother launched in August 10th to promote popular webmaster circle, less than a month’s time has accumulated nearly 20 thousand customers, has brought vitality to the Dark Alliance webmaster circle market, people can not help but contrast the world’s third major league AdBrite, simple compare alliance the two party, the hope can give the webmaster bring more opportunities and vitality.

I’m just talking about selling links, and the rest of them are pretty much the same, so I’ll take LinkAds as an example,

when a buyer buys your link, LW will notify you by mail, when you login to the backend to inquire about the seller’s request. Buyer requests include descriptions of links, addresses of links, locations of links, etc.. When you add a good link on the site as required, there is a confirmation button in the background. You can notify the seller by clicking on it. LW pays on 10 days per month.

      click on the registered mother of Ali; sell your website ad > > alimama

  ADbrite’s payment time will be long, so if you have no patience, you don’t have to look at it. ADbrite will pay each month in early 2 months ago is income, is each income need to wait 60 days, such as your 2007 income in March, ADbrite will pay you in June 1, 2007. Of course, the premise is that the amount of payment you set up, if you do not set, and when your income is full of 20 U. S. dollars, he will automatically pay, of course, you are also embarrassed to take 20 U. S. dollars of checks to the bank collection. And the current payment can only be a check, when they issued a check, generally can be received within 12 days or so, but you go to the bank collection of the money needs 45 days before the arrival of the account, ha ha, patience? Yes, just keep looking

1 to open the LW official website to register address: linkworth/signup.php registration method is very simple, do not capture.

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