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audit method: advertiser audit.

once in a long period of time, the cat on the network a variety of so-called "earn XX yuan" Wangzhuan tutorial, draw a conclusion that these tutorials not outdated, or technical content is too high, not suitable for ordinary webmaster, especially non technology like this cat owners, see off a domain name is what will stop wondering for a long time. But is the most fun a cat Wangzhuan station, I believe this is many webmaster fun, holding a kind of "equality" in front of Wangzhuan ambitions, after no less than Edison’s failures, finally let me dig out the three most "civilian" Wangzhuan method, and the webmaster friends share.

pop-up ads, cats think is the most rogue kind of advertising, just like the broadcast ads on the bus, rape your vision. But at the same time, I also believe that the station in the webmaster position, especially a little income, but also from the website of pocket maintenance domain space station, put some pop ads, rape users vision, put some hard costs, behoove. In accordance with the current market, 1000IP has 4 yuan of income, of course, the Advertising Federation will be a large amount of deduction, usually half of the deduction. If your website has 1000 IP, almost every month will have about 100 yuan of income. This income is relatively low, but to change thinking, the 100 yuan is extra, do not need any of your inputs, why not? And, >

ad price: 38 yuan /1000IP.

one, sell links

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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

League address: new.ete.cn

settlement cycle: week end.

more League information is available: top.admin5/u


Links can make money in today already is not strange, in the network there are many special sale links, specially black website to sell link to the studio is not in the minority. For personal Adsense, the location of the link must be abundant, but there are many webmaster due to some "complex", and disdain to sell. Of course, some owners do not know the link or links that can make money, also can not sell a few money do not care. In fact, the link sale is the easiest income for an individual station. We can simply cite an example: suppose you have a PR4 site, according to the current market, you can sell 15 yuan / month. The sale of 20-30 links, each month will have a stable income of 300-450 yuan. Although not many, but I believe many webmaster, each month’s income has not these. And the webmaster need to do, just do the site PR up, this belongs to the SEO category, in brief, is to do the chain and originality. These thoughts compared heart suffering the webmaster friends, how to accumulate core induced by click, sell products and so on, much easier. And sell links is the most suitable for the work of the station group, assuming that I just cited an example multiplied by ten, then your income is 3000-4500 yuan. This is a lot higher than wages? It is a reminder that sell link risk, hope for sustainable development to stationmaster, especially serious cautious selling links, don’t come home shorn.

two, popups ad

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