Where is the outlet of Amoy website in 2010Decrypt Wangzhuan webmaster is how to make money


think carefully, also in a sense, Taobao is a guest full of money and competitive business, everyone is eating a bowl of rice, no interest, what other people to share their experiences, what help you, you cry? You the reward the

are not their own Wangzhuan station pushed out to make money, but a large part of the income is composed of most of the Wangzhuan, site will have recommended reward, a lot of people will be registered Wangzhuan Wangzhuan through websites, and these projects tend to be a registered person will have registered bonuses. From 0.1 yuan to 2 yuan. More people every day for registration, Wangzhuan stationmaster income would be more

!In fact,

then, I seriously reflect on where I was wrong.

!In fact,

: a guide through the recommended Wangzhuan money

four: advertising alliance to make money

then, we extend the analysis, some friends said, no search engine that I don’t have the hao123 extension, dozens of pages, so every day or full, for example, you are very good, hao123 is a successful case of hundred-percent promotion, but you, you’re just a in today thousands of navigation, tens of thousands of millions of Taobao passenger station, in a small website, how can you promote, why should anyone else remember.

gold coins?

two: earn a commission by pulling down the line

first, my web page is too small, I have to do is to guide 1.5 terminal number up, a total of more than a dozen pages, plus more than half of them have put the channel promotion page, so the SEO effect is poor, the spider to estimate after the run, here to remind all of the new guest friends who, as the vast network of the sea is not superior to you, if SEO did not do particularly good words can be ignored what is particularly good, my standard is included thousands of keywords, one with taobao relationship can be ranked in the home page, I know you will say, your standard is not too high

and I started to think, to learn to frequent Ali mother forum, sh419 know to ask questions, but I found Ali forums are a lot of gun culture, share the experience of 10 years to 9 are perfunctory, 1 from the rest of the mingled with advertising information, in addition to these will only help post posted and depressed.

now people of the word Wangzhuan is already very familiar with, but also from the original suspect Wangzhuan the possibility of becoming now firmly believe Wangzhuan indeed can bring us income, of course Wangzhuan species is now very much, I just focus on higher net station is through what way to make money to give you to Wangzhuan? The Palace of

now if everyone can participate in the Wangzhuan project, nature is like those who click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, investigation and so on, since it is a mature Wangzhuan project, there will be a considerable income guarantee, for example, now do well some people click Wangzhuan can achieve the monthly income of 10000 yuan, it was not a person in combat, but the huge Navy group to help him complete, and for the webmaster Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station through is very easy to help you find the Navy, or their navy organization to complete the income by

is the first foreign Wangzhuan the first head, for example, before a lot of higher click are some foreign projects, now the domestic.



! !

this is the function of the website so, of course, Wangzhuan station natural also will not give up this one, some Wangzhuan station basically half of the home page is the advertising page occupied, if the flow rate is large, the advertising revenue is not cheap, but I think this is a little dangerous way of making money, or is it that, after all this is great for the user experience of the impact, but many advertisements are false information, if a customer because of your advertising and cheated, nature will vent their anger on you

that I want to tell you a good talk, let us face the reality, the current flow through the search engine to great extent by "taobao" and related keywords, the keywords "taobao" you don’t want to, have all been down brothers occupied, you have to do is the long tail keywords similar to the "taobao CK underwear litzi", the search page in the top three take away 80% of the basic flow, the rest can appear on the home page, basically I mentioned "SEO" website. So far, how much do you think the deal will be? I just want to say, face the reality, don’t deceive yourself,

you see, who is also a Taobao customer shopping station, I was excited to buy space, lofty ideals and high aspirations, and registered the domain name yishoutao.cn, find the source code, ready to make a big fight. Hard until the record through countless times, modify the content of the website, finally completed a version of their own satisfaction, will look at the collected every day, but a week later, two weeks later, the Commission has always been the painful 0.00

do not everyone can make money, most still can not earn much money, and even a lot of existing loss making master, relative to the webmaster, webmaster Wangzhuan income is considerable, after all the more profitable way, even less traffic, also can make money by way of profit different

for traffic in general can not find, the monthly advertising, so advertising alliance is a good way to make money, in fact Wangzhuan site advertising income contribution is not large, but after all, can give your website to bring revenue, and does not affect your use of the site, Why not?

In fact, these !

three: selling advertising to make money

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