The three chapter my oral Liaoyuan squirrel poineering road and God carved different

Abstract: I am different from God, he can talk about anything, but he doesn’t talk about his own business. I’m not as smart as he is, so I just talk about the Internet food industry because it’s the only thing I’m good at.



is also the grass-roots origin, to experience the complete electricity supplier bonus era life, rise from the first generation of Tmall platform CEO who have completed their primitive accumulation of capital. However, in the arena of various chiefs but different way, was born in 1976 in Anhui rural areas of Jixi, in 2001 to join the Anhui Zhanshi Food Co. Ltd., 2011 to take over the Internet "shell shell" brand, in 2012 it left Jane’s own Internet, "three squirrel nut brand". Usually retreat in Anhui Wuhu squirrel headquarters office, who did not see, not unlike God carved chapter Liaoyuan, mixed circle, do not love the headlines. All day in the office about art of war, within the office is a pair of calligraphy works, "Chang Ying letter in hand, smile to the wilderness is yellow, the king" heroic gesture and a chapter said with a smile that is one of the old men’s gift.

some blow, young escape

in my 26 years ago, it is the most confused life, when I was unlucky not to drink another. South Dongguan venture, to state-owned enterprises to work, give a person when electricians are not made, I even open the mount will be arrested! If people after the age of 18 began to have dreams, and want to go to the wider world, that behind the stumbling as a discipline. But if it lasts for 8 years and has never felt the joy of success, no one will be as suspicious as I am. Later, I found myself a reason: only one way, maybe it’s good. The origin of the back, into the local planning company, from the beginning of sales, the way to do the general manager, and then out of business, this road is to go through me.

so, my enterprise management is the core of my parents that I like it rough. Experienced setbacks, failure and success, let you excited it is full of life, but I must emphasize that "there is no what is the strategic failure", the biggest problem is lost in the direction determined, only one, can achieve the goal of many methods. Today, I am on the three squirrels into the new staff, the company’s entrepreneurial history is not in 2012, but I broke out when 18~19 years have begun.

now young people think entrepreneurs are feeling that it is a success, or that rely on previous experience can avoid failure, but it is not yet understood exactly what failure is, for entrepreneurs, the failure will always belong to the level, rather than a result. "When you realize that failure is just a detour, you are already on the road to success," said the Chinese partner. This sentence I saw the special experience.

See the value of venture capital

, never mind with money

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