Secret how to make a day through the Taobao 1000 Amoy brand capital accelerated October mummy listed

Hello, I am territory Wangzhuan One Piece, the first to introduce territory Wangzhuan goals and objectives, the goal is Wangzhuan Wangzhuan territory of One Piece, the purpose is to share the VIP toll free Wangzhuan project ideas, help just entering the Wangzhuan industry newcomers or still failed to pass the network of friends make money are no longer as no expansion of ideas Wangzhuan Wangzhuan or be garbage deceived by the troubled and distressed. Today we secret how to through the Taobao train do earn 1000+ Wangzhuan project xian. This project belongs to Taobao to sell virtual products, specifically what products are selling, will share with you in the following, this program is also a bidding project, but it is not common to say Adwords bidding or bidding sh419

4. through the Taobao through to precise flow, the demand for large how to know the demand for large, open Taobao straight through the car through the background keyword query that daily search volume


2. through the car, money, no money for the first time recharge 500;

project operation instruction and requirement

as a well-known brand for baby clothing, not only by the development of China October mummy maternal industry and to express Ali Amoy brand power, which accelerated into the capital markets. But under the final sprint at the spectacular October mummy listed on the road is not easy, its success will become the important sample through the capital of the Amoy brand ".


"Amoy brand" capital incubation and "Besieged City" trapped

3. the project is the use of Taobao to sell TV software, Taobao currently can not find such a product, this product is sold in Taobao no, in the market blank area, but the demand for this product is very large, but because of the huge demand, income is also as can be imagined;

, Of, course, no map, no truth! Then, One Piece and we share several transaction screenshots, so that we really see the profits of this project where

Ali and the Amoy brand "between give up to become a part of the indispensable way of many businesses listed, but listed the demands of" Ali Amoy brand "attitude is positive and active. The previously established "office" to provide data services for listed companies, as "a part of the sales data of Amoy brand" precipitation on the Tmall platform, so Ali need to cooperate with the enterprises issued by the enterprise mechanism, preparation condition, profit.


as of now, the selection of three board listing of puppy electrical appliances, Han, clothing, homes have been successfully listed, but in the A share market, "Amoy brand" has not been achieved. In many of the Amoy brand has just disclosed in the prospectus in the pre disclosure update queue on the relative October mummy, according to the current audit process and the pace of the Commission’s upcoming October mummy in the two grade market ushered in the final sprint.

at the beginning of May 2016, Alibaba on the platform of nearly 50 listed companies are invited to tour to visit the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Forum, even after the media reported, has 100 enterprises to submit the listing application, previously submitted to the joint proposal to Ali’s ten Amoy brand three squirrels, Hui Mei, starry, Liebo, camel, Royal mud square, South Korea, AFU and puppy appliances, covering a broad range of snacks, clothing, cosmetics, electrical appliances, and A shares of the third board market to become the first choice, and this team continues to expand, the expected future market valuation is expected to be over one hundred billion yuan.

above is a screenshot of the TV stick search

Abstract: under the final sprint at the spectacular October mummy listed on the road is not easy, its success will become the important sample through the capital of the Amoy brand ".


business flow bonus to the achievement of a number of born or relying on large business platform young brand, and these new forces early development and Taobao are inseparable, so they are called "Amoy brand". Some excellent "Amoy brand" development has been quite large, and the future development of new financing channels become an unavoidable topic, therefore, the capital has become the only way. On the one hand, you can open up financing channels, on the other hand, it can also make the daily management and capital management of the enterprise more standardized.


this project only needs to sit in front of the computer to sell the product, one hour can make 100 yuan on average. You calculate your strength to sit in front of the computer for long time. Prior to the current Taobao has three to do, of which two huge sales, from morning till night, profits are about 1500-3000 per day. Do not say much nonsense, enter today’s article topic.

The origin can not

so the traffic is huge, advertising and profit averaging 1:3, so learn to make good use of Taobao through train, and its revenue will never be worse than Adwords and sh419 competitive bidding;

1., Taobao store, there is a certain credibility 3 more than I can, because of the reputation to make the customer trust, the level of credit for the volume of importance here also no longer talk;

in March last year, a number of well-known Amoy brand suggested a joint Alibaba group hereinafter referred to as "Ali" to set up a "business assistance office" hereinafter referred to as "the office", Ali hope to actively coordinate the various departments of the two, to help businesses prepare some information before listing.

Familiar with Taobao


5., this baby belongs to Taobao edge nature, Taobao will be a shelf every day. But you can have it again. The project belongs to the grey project, and it is also very risky because it is likely to involve some legal problems.

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