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ten years ago, the global market capitalization of enterprises TOP10

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enterprises migrating to the cloud is the general trend. You can see: 1 the public and private cloud market growth still go hand in hand, is not a zero sum game; 2 the IaaS level: commercial application ecosystem has diversified more and more important; 3 the SaaS level: mainly focus on human resources, OA, CRM, B2B marketing, commodity procurement and other areas; 4 PaaS level: no independent giants, the future may extend down from IaaS to SaaS or giant giant.

first, choose a reputable advertising alliance. Do some regular business alliance, the company after all must consider the credibility, close to happen at least will not run away, a problem can also find a good deal, never cheat Adsense Wangzhuan money. We also want to see the timeliness of the settlement. Now the alliance settlement through some monthly settlement, some weeks and day settlement, settlement. Daily settlement is generally a personal alliance, relatively good operation. Generally can choose Zhou settlement is better, neither cumbersome, the cycle is relatively short.

in the next 10 years, what new industries are worthy of our expectation? What industries can bring the most generous returns to investors?

second, the accuracy of advertising and server stability. The first thing to do is to see if the platform supports real-time data display. Put the ad, you can click on yourself to see if there is statistical data, and then find a friend to help point, and then test it, this method is very simple. Advertising platform for the system requirements are high, and some free procedures to modify the platform, in terms of data accuracy and security there will be a lot of problems, we generally do not do. Secondly, after the ad, if the server is not stable, not only will affect the advertising effect, but also affect the speed of their station, this point we should pay attention to.


, the global virtual reality industry, is still at an early stage of development after nearly a century of development, and the supply chain and various ancillary facilities are still groping. However, the prospect of virtual reality is imaginative, with a wide range of applications, such as games, film and television, education, sports, interstellar exploration, medical treatment, and so on. At present, the major consulting institutions are optimistic about virtual reality, in the next 5 years will achieve ultra-high speed growth, the outbreak is close at hand.

The total financing of the

four, artificial intelligence

Abstract: ten years ago, the top 10 global market capitalization was mainly concentrated in energy, finance and other traditional industries. Now, has been high-tech and Internet companies accounted for half of the country.

two, big data

review the long history of the development of the global economy has been driven by the interaction of productivity and production relations. From the invention of the steam engine, generator, computer, and then to the wide application of the Internet, the new wave of technology has dominated the adjustment of productive forces and production relations, and the emerging new industries, promoting social progress. Ten years ago, the world’s top 10 market capitalization is also concentrated in energy, finance and other traditional industries. Now, has been high-tech and Internet companies accounted for half of the country.

third, only by choosing a good alliance, will be able to make their own income guaranteed. Some advertising alliance’s bad reputation, the data is not public, privately withheld amount of data calculation wrong alliance, it is best away from it, so it will only extract the sweat of our web site.

owners are thinking about making money some advertising, but also a lot of Wangzhuan alliance, inevitably also has some fishing station, what can we do to beware of any


domestic cloud computing market is still in its infancy, the market cake is becoming increasingly attractive.

current global market capitalization of TOP10

1, cloud computing

predicts that the market for artificial intelligence will grow to 11 billion 100 million US in 2024

three, virtual reality,

big data industry was 800 million US dollars, 1 billion 540 million US dollars and 2 billion US dollars in 2013-2015 years. The 2013-2015 year financing events were 10, 42 and more than 50, respectively. "Big data +" has penetrated almost all sectors, such as "big data + retail", "big data + medical", "big data + real estate" and so on.

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